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Health and Well-Being After Cancer

Below you will find links to resources that may help you enhance your health and well-being after cancer treatment.

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Emotional Concerns

Nutritional Concerns

    American Cancer Society
    This site provides information for survivors on staying healthy after cancer treatment. Nutritional concerns at different phases of cancer survivorship, from active treatment to advanced disease are identified based on the report, "Nutrition During and After Cancer Treatment: A Guide for Informed Choices by Cancer Survivors".

    PDF screenshotFederal Dietary Guidelines for Americans
    This PDF file that provides science-based information about how Americans can choose diets that promote good health.

    Nutrition in Cancer Care
    This site provides information on nutrition and nutrition-related side effects from cancer treatment.

Peer-to-Peer Support

Practical Concerns

Testing for Cancer

Last Updated: July 6, 2012

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