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1 General Description & Theoretical Background
2 Similar Constructs
3 Measurement and Methodological Issues
4 Conclusion



Measures Appendix

7 Published Examples

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Other Constructs



Dispositional Optimism




Illness Representations

  Implementation Intentions
  Intention, Expectation, and Willingness
  Normative Beliefs
  Optimistic Bias
  Perceived Benefits
  Perceived Control
  Perceived Severity
  Perceived Vulnerability
  Self-Reported Behavior
  Social Influence
  Social Support

Perceived Benefits
Victoria Champion

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6 Measures Appendix

Appendix A

Champion Benefits Scale for Mammography Screening

    SA* A* N* D* SD*
  1. If I get a mammogram and nothing is found, I do not worry as much about breast cancer.          
  2. Having a mammogram will help me find breast lumps early.          
  3. If I find a lump through a mammogram, my treatment for breast cancer may not be as bad.          
  4. Having a mammogram is the best way for me to find a very small lump.          
  5. Having a mammogram will decrease my chances of dying from Breast cancer.          

* SA = Strongly Agree
A = Agree
N = Neutral
D = Disagree
SD = Strongly Disagree

Rawl's Benefits Scale for Fecal Occult Blood Test (FOBT), Flexible Sigmoidoscopy (FS) and Colonoscopy (CS)

    SA* A* N* D* SD*
  1. Finding CRC (colorectal cancer) early will save your life.          
  2. The treatment for CRC may not be as bad if the cancer is found early.          
  3. A (FOBT, FS, CS) will help find CRC early.          
  4. A (FOBT, FS, CS) will decrease your chances of dying from CRC.          
  5. A (FOBT, FS, CS) will help you not worry as much about CRC          

* SA = Strongly Agree
A = Agree
N = Neutral
D = Disagree
SD = Strongly Disagree

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