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Evaluation of Large Initiatives (ELI)

Background of Eli

TTURCs established

  • The Transdisciplinary Tobacco Use Research Centers (TTURC) initiative is funded by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). The overall goal of this initiative is stimulate integrated research that will significantly advance our understanding of tobacco use and nicotine addiction and that will help to combat the toll from tobacco use. The Pilot Evaluation of the TTURCs becomes the first Evaluation of Large Initiatives project, addressing systematically the complexity of large team science with a broader range of outcomes including the social impact of the research.
  • Several guiding principles were involved in conducting this pilot evaluation of large initiatives:
    • participatory and collaborative;
    • comprehensive conceptual model;
    • integrated mixed methods;
    • link with existing systems; and
    • standardization and adaptability.

Tobacco Control Research Branch information on TTURC

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Formation of the Evaluation of Large Initiatives Team (ELI)

Original Team Members

  • William Trochim, PhD
  • Stephen Marcus, PhD
  • Louise Mâsse, PhD
  • Richard P. Moser, PhD
  • Ginny Hsieh, PhD
  • Scott Marchand, MPA
  • Patrick Weld, MSW, MPA

Current Team Members

  • Daniel Stokols, PhD
  • Richard P. Moser, PhD
  • Annie Feng, EdD
  • Kara Hall, PhD
  • Brandie Taylor, MA

Operating Principles

  • Build evaluation into initiative during RFA concept development.
  • Develop strategic evaluation plan through consensus building.
  • Work with principal investigators early to achieve buy-in & ensure ongoing communication.
  • Give evaluation results to principal investigators and other relevant stakeholders for improvement, NCI reports, and identify initiative impact on different stakeholder groups.
  • Use information that is already required by researchers to minimize the reporting burden associated with evaluation.
  • Develop creative and systematic methods to evaluate components of initiatives at appropriate stage of initiatives development.

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TTURC Evaluation Report

The Evaluation of Large Research Initiatives: A Participatory Integrative Mixed-Methods Approach Paper in American Evaluation Association

Tobacco Control Research Branch information on TTURC

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The Science of Team Science Conference

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Last Updated: August 10, 2011

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