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Epidemiology Studies Regarding HPV and Cervical Cancer

Etiology and Natural History of Cervical Neoplasia

Investigator: Laura A. Koutsky

This study seeks to develop sensitive, specific, and inexpensive approaches to cervical cancer screening as alternatives to the traditional Pap test and cervical human papillomavirus (HPV) DNA testing. Specifically, the study will examine two approaches: (1) Define and compare the sensitivity, specificity, percentage referral for diagnostic biopsy, and positive predictive values of two novel screening strategies for detection of >CIN3; (2) evaluate the relative cost-effectiveness of screening strategies using sensitivity analyses to assess the impact of test, diagnostic, management costs, compliance with screening and follow-up; and (3) determine the relationship between certain biological characteristics of viral infection and development of CIN 3.

The study will determine the accuracy and relative cost-effectiveness testing of a clinician-collected sample using the biomarker p16INK4a verses a HPV DNA testing of a self-collected vaginal swab sample. It also will explore the hypothesis that variation in levels of E7 gene expression defines differences in the tumor-forming potential of variants of the HPV 16 virus.

For more information contact NCI Program Director: Vaurice Starks


Last Updated: January 5, 2012

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