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Evaluation Instruments

The Evaluation of Large Initiatives – BRP’s ELI Team

The TREC Baseline Evaluation Survey was designed to collect baseline data on history of collaboration, researchers’ disciplinary orientation, collaborative process, activities, and resources of TREC centers (Transdisciplinary Research in Energetics and Cancer) and TREC training activities.

The TREC Written Products Protocol was designed to assess the extent to which transdiciplinary integration will be or has been occurred using external reviewers’ ratings on TREC proposals. The rating instrument was attempted to assess within and cross-center collaborations, disciplinary perspectives incorporated, and the scope of transdisciplinary integration in terms of research methods and analytical approaches.

Definitional terms for uni-, multi-, inter-, and trans-disciplinarity are incorporated in the instrument.

The TTURC Researcher Survey was designed to evaluate researchers’ perceptions on ten areas of importance identified in the TTURC Evaluation Framework including collaboration, transdiciplinary research method, science and models, publications and productivity, institutional support and recognition, communication, intervention, policy, translation to practice, and health outcomes.

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Last Updated: April 15, 2008


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