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Science of Team Science

The Science of Team Science is a rapidly emerging field concerned with understanding and managing circumstances that facilitate or hinder the effectiveness of large-scale research, training, and translational initiatives.


Meetings and Events

The Science of Team Science: Assessing the Value of Transdisciplinary Research October 2006, Bethesda, MD


Emerging Research Fronts
Daniel Stokols, Shalini Misra, Richard Moser, Kara Hall, & Brandie Taylor talk with and answer a few questions about this month's Emerging Research Front Paper in the field of Social Sciences, general.
December 2008

The Science of Team Science - Assessing the Value of Transdisciplinary Research
Supplement in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine
July 2008
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Evaluation Instruments

Evaluation of Large Initiatives (ELI)

Office of Science Planning and Assessment (OSPA)

Office of Portfolio Analysis and Strategic Initiatives (OPASI)

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