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TCRB International Grants
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TCRB International Grants

  • International Tobacco Industry Document Research Studies
    In 1999, NCI issued a Program Announcement, "Review and Analysis of Tobacco Industry Documents" (PAR-99-114) to stimulate research on a wide variety of scientific, technical, marketing, and tactical undertakings by the tobacco industry, which were documented in papers, memos, and other records. The program announcement recognizes that the systematic, comprehensive analysis and evaluation of these documents will enhance understanding of the tobacco industry's knowledge, strategies, and tactics. In addition, the PAR findings will provide a greater understanding of the determinants of tobacco use and addiction, and help researchers and public health practitioners identify effective strategies to prevent and reduce tobacco use. Currently, two grants funded through this PAR were awarded to international investigators.
  • Transdisciplinary Tobacco Use Research Centers (TTURCs)
    The purpose of the Transdisciplinary Tobacco Use Research Centers (TTURCs) is to facilitate a transdisciplinary approach to the full spectrum of basic and applied research on tobacco use to reduce the disease burden. Two TTURC projects include an international component:

    • Building the Evidence Base for Tobacco Control Policies
      In 2004, NCI co-funded the Roswell Park Cancer Institute TTURC. This project will expand upon the ongoing International Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation Survey, a longitudinal study of smokers in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia, by including smokers in Thailand and Malaysia. This will allow researchers to study whether tobacco control and prevention policies that are effective in developed countries can be applied in developing countries as well. This research will lead to a more fully developed model for how and why policies influence tobacco-related behaviors.

    • Genes, Environment, and Tobacco Use Across Cultures
      In 2004, NCI again co-funded the University of Southern California Pacific Rim TTURC to investigate the efficacy of tobacco and alcohol use prevention programs (1) across cultures, (2) within specific cultural contexts, and (3) dependent on individual-level variations for dispositional attributes. This collaboration expands upon previously funded projects to characterize the role of culture in tobacco use behavior and prevention by investigating multiethnic and multicultural populations within the United States and in China. This transdisciplinary collaboration will lead to a more complete understanding of the etiology of adolescent substance use across cultural contexts and across individuals, leading to the development of more effective prevention programs.

    • See the TTURC Web site for more information.

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Fogarty International Center (FIC):

  • International Tobacco and Health Research and Capacity Building Program
    Since 2002, NCI has been one of seven NIH Institutes and Centers providing funding to this important RFA. Led by the Fogarty International Center, the program supports transdisciplinary research and capacity-building projects that address the burden of tobacco consumption in low-income and/or middle-income nations by (1) pursuing observational, intervention, and policy research of local importance, and (2) building capacity in these regions in epidemiological and behavioral research, prevention, treatment, communications, health services, and policy research. The program is designed to promote international cooperation between investigators in the United States and other high-income nation(s) that conduct research programs on tobacco control, and scientists and institutions in low-income and/or middle-income nation(s), where tobacco consumption is a current or anticipated public health urgency.

    International Tobacco and Health Research and Capacity Building Program Brochure (PDF, 364K)

  • Framework Programs for Global Health

  • For more information on the Fogarty International Center, including a list of funded research projects, visit:

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