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NCI Cancer Bulletin Tobacco Archives

Articles from the NCI Cancer Bulletin highlighting tobacco control are listed in the tables below. Issues were searched for the following terms: smoking, tobacco, and cigarettes.

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Date Title
13-Nov-2012 Brazil's Strong Antismoking Policies Credited with Saving Lives
6-Sep-2012 Negative Colonoscopy Associated with Low Colorectal Cancer Risk
13-Nov-2012 Global Study Documents Tobacco Use, Secondhand Smoke Exposure among Women of Childbearing Age
7-Aug-2012 Drop in Cigarette Smoking Offset by Rise in Use of Other Forms of Smoked Tobacco
3-Apr-2012 FDA Takes Action under the Tobacco Control Act of 2009
20-Mar-2012 Federal Campaign Seeks to Shrink Smoking Rates Further
20-Mar-2012 Surgeon General's Report Finds Youth Smoking Remains a Serious Concern
20-Mar-2012 Smoking Declines Helped Prevent More Lung Cancer Deaths than Expected
7-Feb-2012 Connecting the Dots: Network Analysis Helps Public Health Researchers Get the Big Picture


Date Title
4-Oct-2011 Rising Oropharyngeal Cancer Rates Linked to HPV Infection
12-Jul-2011 U.S. Colorectal Cancer Death Rates Continue to Drop, But Not Equally
28-Jun-2011 Potential Cardiac Risks Associated with Smoking Cessation Drug
22-Mar-2011 Menthol Cigarettes Adversely Affect Public Health, FDA Advisory Committee Finds


Date Title
14-Dec-2010 Surgeon General's Report Outlines how Tobacco Smoke Causes Disease
14-Dec-2010 Study Estimates More than 600,000 Deaths Worldwide Caused by Secondhand Smoke
30-Nov-2010 NCI’s International Cancer Research Resources
30-Nov-2010 NCI Recovery Act Web Site Highlights NCI’s Smoking Cessation Program
16-Nov-2010 HHS Releases New Tobacco Control Strategy for the Nation
16-Nov-2010 A Closer Look: Low-Dose CT Shows Clear Mortality Benefit for Lung Cancer Screening in Heavy Smokers
16-Nov-2010 Legislative Update: The 111th Congress Winds Down
5-Oct-2010 Experts Urge Further Research on Nicotine Reduction to Decrease Tobacco Addiction
21-Sep-2010 Quitting Smoking? Find Support on Facebook
21-Sep-2010 Declines in U.S. Smoking Prevalence Stalled
21-Sep-2010 FDA Sends Warning Letters to Electronic Cigarette Companies
13-Jul-2010 Winners of Smokefree Women Video Contest Announced
13-Jul-2010 Featured Article: Harold Varmus Becomes Fourteenth Director of the National Cancer Institute
1-Jun-2010 Director's Update: In a Time of Transition, a Strong Foundation for Success
1-Jun-2010 A Conversation with Drs. Deborah Winn and Shelia Zahm about Environmental Cancer Risks
18-May-2010 Enter the Celebrating Smokefree Voices Video Contest
20-Apr-2010 NCI Issues Updated Cancer Trends Progress Report
20-Apr-2010 House Committee Convenes Hearing on Smokeless Tobacco
20-Apr-2010 Profiling Airway Cells May Identify Smokers at Highest Risk of Cancer
6-Apr-2010 New Tobacco Products Advisory Committee Focuses on Menthol Cigarettes
9-Mar-2010 First Meeting of FDA Tobacco Products Advisory Committee Announced
9-Mar-2010 Searching for Commonalities between Two Deadly Lung Diseases
9-Feb-2010 Operation Cessation: Curbing Military and Veteran Tobacco Use
26-Jan-2010 Community Update: Chinese and American Scientists Meet to Discuss Environmental Causes of Cancer
26-Jan-2010 Update: Online Resource on Menthol and Tobacco Now Available from NCI


Date Title
15-Dec-2009 Director's Update: Modeling a Future without Cancer
15-Dec-2009 Notes: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center to Operate NCI's CIS Contact Center
1-Dec-2009 Cancer Research Highlights: No Evidence that Hookah Smoking Is Less Harmful than Cigarette Smoking
1-Dec-2009 Cancer Research Highlights: No Significant Change in Smoking Rate from 2007 to 2008
17-Nov-2009 Guest Director's Update: Modeling for Research Success

Smokefree Women Launches Campaign on Twitter

3-Nov-2009 A New Face for
3-Nov-2009 Guest Director's Update: Entering a New Era in Tobacco Control Research
3-Nov-2009 Community Update: Local Partners Study Mobile Support for DC Tobacco Quitline

Nicotine Patch and Lozenge Combination Helps Smokers Quit for Longer

3-Nov-2009 Personalized Phone Counseling Helps Teens Quit Smoking
6-Oct-2009 Director's Update: Global Cancer Control: An Essential Duty
22-Sep-2009 FDA Bans Candy- and Fruit-Flavored Cigarettes
8-Sep-2009 NCI Tobacco Control Monograph Addresses Genetics of Nicotine Dependence
8-Sep-2009 New FDA Center and Advisory Committee Launch Regulation of Tobacco Products
28-Jul-2009 FDA Update: FDA Issues Warning on Electronic Cigarettes
14-Jul-2009 Community Update: Making a Difference: Nurses Help Cancer Patients
Quit Smoking
14-Jul-2009 FDA Update: Black Box Warnings Added to Two Smoking Cessation Drugs
30-Jun-2009 FDA Will Regulate Tobacco Under New Law
19-May-2009 Smokefree Women Web Site Launched
24-Mar-2009 Helping Survivors of Childhood Cancer Quit Smoking
10-Mar-2009 Links between Genes and Smoking
11-Feb-2009 Health Groups Hail Increase in Federal Tobacco Taxes

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Date Title
2-Dec-2008 U.S. Cancer Incidence and Mortality Drop
18-Nov-2008 In Memoriam:  Dr. Ronald M. Davis
18-Nov-2008 Number of Adult U.S. Smokers Drops, But So Do Quit Attempts
4-Nov-2008 Guest Commentary by Dr. LaSalle D. Leffall, Jr.: A Shift in Strategy Needed to Win the Cancer Battle
21-Oct-2008 Smoking in Middle Age Decreases Quality of Life in Old Age
7-Oct-2008 Becoming a Model for Tackling the Cancer Burden
23-Sep-2008 Director's Update: Understanding the Media’s Power to Influence Tobacco Use and Control
5-Aug-2008 Billionaires Boost Global Fight Against Tobacco
22-Jul-2008 Fewer American Exposed to Secondhand Smoke
24-Jun-2008 Mortality Risks Highlight the Effect of Smoking
27-May-2008 Potent Social Forces Influence Smoking Behavior
13-May-2008 PHS Releases New Tobacco Cessation Guidelines
13-May-2008 Long-term Smoking Cessation Cuts Cancer, Mortality Risk
1-Apr-2008 National Smoking Cessation Campaign Launched
4-Mar-2008 Smoking Threatens Pregnant Women in Developing Countries
5-Feb-2008 Survey Highlights Threat of Global Tobacco-Related Mortality
22-Jan-2008 Countering Tobacco Use Among Young Adults:  New Approaches Needed
8-Jan-2008 National Quitline Celebrates One Million Calls

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Date Title
4-Dec-2007 FDA Approves Liver Cancer Drug; Cautions on Smoking Cessation Agent
4-Dec-2007 Groups Issue Report on Diet, Weight, Exercise, and Cancer Risk
4-Dec-2007 Intensive Quitline Counseling, Free NRT Help More Quit Smoking
6-Nov-2007 Lung Cancer Awareness in November
23-Oct-2007 Decline in Cancer Death Rate Accelerating
9-Oct-2007 Legislative Update
9-Oct-2007 A Conversation with Dr. Barbara Rimer and Dr. Robert Croyle
9-Oct-2007 Director's Update: Advancing Cancer Control Science to Improve Public Health
21-Aug-2007 A Conversation with...Dr. LaSalle D. Leffall, Jr.
24-Jul-2007 Russian Federation Holds First Meeting on Tobacco Control
24-Jul-2007 NCI 70th Anniversary: If Memory Serves...
12-Jun-2007 NCI Releases New Tobacco Control Monograph
29-May-2007 May 31 is World No Tobacco Day
29-May-2007 IOM Offers "Blueprint" for Significantly Reducing Tobacco Use
15-May-2007 HPV a Risk Factor for Oropharyngeal Cancer
15-May-2007 OWH Updates Web Site
3-Apr-2007 Rapamycin Prevents Tobacco-Induced Lung Cancer in Mice
27-Mar-2007 NCI Cosponsors Conference in India
13-Mar-2007 Tobacco and Cancer Prevention
6-Mar-2007 Proposed Tobacco Legislation Underscores Need for Research
6-Mar-2007 Measuring Biological Response to Curcumin
27-Feb-2007 Male Tobacco Switchers Have Increased Mortality Rates
20-Feb-2007 Lung Cancer Incidence Rates High Among Women Who Have Never Smoked
20-Feb-2007 A New Tobacco Threat?
6-Feb-2007 Brain Region Involved in Smoking Addiction Identified
6-Feb-2007 NCI Cosponsors Global Health Training Program
6-Feb-2007 President’s Cancer Panel Examines Tobacco
6-Feb-2007 Cancer Control Opportunities in the Developing World
30-Jan-2007 Community Update: Monograph Highlights New Malignancies Among Cancer Survivors
30-Jan-2007 Study Confirms Cigarettes Packing More Nicotine Punch
23-Jan-2007 Actual Cancer Deaths Decrease for Second Year Running

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Date Title
12-Dec-2006 Cancer Incidence and Mortality - Interpreting the Data
12-Dec-2006 Realizing the Hope of Cancer Prevention
5-Dec-2006 NCI Releases New Tobacco Control Monograph
5-Dec-2006 Smoking Cessation Web Sites' Usage and Quality Studied
28-Nov-2006 Director's Update: All Ireland-NCI Consortium Rolls On
14-Nov-2006 Community Update: Innovative e-Health Products Enhance Communication
14-Nov-2006 Great American Smokeout Promotes Smoking Cessation
14-Nov-2006 President's Cancer Panel Examines Cancer Risk
7-Nov-2006 Tobacco Use Decline Has Stalled, CDC Report Shows
31-Oct-2006 A Conversation with Dr. Gary Kelloff
10-Oct-2006 New Estimate: Smoking Reduction Central to Cancer Mortality Decline in Men
3-Oct-2006 New Campaign Encourages Tobacco Users to "Be A Quitter"
8-Aug-2006 Surgeon General's Term Ends
25-Jul-2006 Smoking Blamed for Half of Difference in Death Rates
18-Jul-2006 Worldwide, Products Other Than Cigarettes Are Children's First Step to Tobacco Use
11-Jul-2006 Bridging the Gap: Turning What We Know About Cancer into What We Do About Cancer
5-Jul-2006 Washington, D.C., Hosts Cancer, Tobacco Conferences
27-Jun-2006 U.S. Surgeon General Releases Report on the Effects of Secondhand Smoke
20-Jun-2006 NIH Conference on Tobacco Use Identifies Research Gaps (Featured Article)
30-May-2006 World No Tobacco Day Observed
23-May-2006 New Focus on Lung Cancer Research (Director's Update)
23-May-2006 New Smoking Cessation Medication Approved (FDA Update)
23-May-2006 Funding Opportunities: International Tobacco and Health Research and Capacity Building Program
16-May-2006 The curious rise of esophogeal adenocarcinoma
9-May-2006 Funding Opportunities: Testing Tobacco Products Promoted to Reduce Harm
11-Apr-2006 Genes May Play Role in Lung Cancers of Never Smokers
11-Apr-2006 Nicotine May Interfere with Lung Cancer Chemotherapy
11-Apr-2006 Secondhand Smoke Linked to Decreased Lung Cancer Survival
4-Apr-2006 Long-Term Smoking Cessation May Repair Lung Damage
28-Mar-2006 Maps of CIS regional offices (special issue)
28-Mar-2006 A Conversation with ... Mary Anne Bright (special issue)
28-Mar-2006 NCI's CIS Celebrates 30 Years (Director's Update)
14-Mar-2006 Young Adults and Flavored Cigarettes: A Bad Combination
14-Mar-2006 NCI's Tobacco Control Research Yields Results (Director's Update)
14-Mar-2006 Cigarette Sales See Record Drop
7-Mar-2006 Re-COMMIT to Comprehensive Tobacco Control Policies and Programs, Study Suggests
28-Feb-2006 Tobacco Use Among Young People Is Rising Worldwide
31-Jan-2006 Striking Discrepancies Seen in Smoking-Related Lung Cancer Risk
24-Jan-2006 ALA Issues Tobacco Control Report
3-Jan-2006 State Tobacco Prevention Programs Inadequately Funded

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Date Title
13-Dec-2005 Diabetes and Pancreatic Cancer: Testing the Insulin Hypothesis
13-Dec-2005 Breast Cancer Cluster Not Linked to Environment
29-Nov-2005 Prevention Could Cut Worldwide Cancer Deaths by One-Third
15-Nov-2005 New Smoking Cessation Agents Edge Toward Market
8-Nov-2005 National Study Shows Relationship of Movies to Kids' Smoking
1-Nov-2005 ABC News Features Lung Cancer and Smoking in November
25-Oct-2005 ADHD Symptoms Linked to Likelihood of Smoking in Young Adults
25-Oct-2005 Ireland's National Smoke-Free Law Proves Effective and Popular
18-Oct-2005 SWOG to Study Lung Cancers Among Women and Nonsmokers
18-Oct-2005 Symposium To Highlight Transdisciplinary Tobacco Research
18-Oct-2005 NCI Funds New Initiative on Energetics and Cancer
27-Sep-2005 Beta-Carotene Found to be Carcinogenic for Women Smokers but Protective for Nonsmokers
16-Aug-2005 Nicotine Enzyme Structure Solved
16-Aug-2005 Uniting NCI's Diverse Strengths to Target Lung Cancer
16-Aug-2005 Depression, Fatigue Not Linked to Cancer
16-Aug-2005 An Important Moment in the Battle Against Lung Cancer
9-Aug-2005 Myeloid Leukemia Linked to Body Size
19-Jul-2005 Youth Smoking Behaviors Reduced by State-Sponsored TV Ads
19-Jul-2005 Cancer PSAs Air on Soap Opera
12-Jul-2005 HINTS Web Site Provides Access to Health Information Trends
28-Jun-2005 Familial Risk of Lung Cancer Greater in African Americans
14-Jun-2005 ASSIST Monograph Available
7-Jun-2005 Free NRT Program Helps New York City Smokers Quit
31-May-2005 Now More Than Ever: Positive Health Strategies Make a Difference
10-May-2005 NCI Program Will Spend $95 Million to Reduce Cancer in Minorities
10-May-2005 Lung Cancer in Women - Could it be a Hormone Problem?
12-Apr-2005 No Link Found Between Diet and Pancreatic Cancer
29-Mar-2005 Medicare Adds Coverage of Smoking Cessation Services
22-Mar-2005 Maternal Smoking's Effects Found in Amniotic Fluid
15-Feb-2005 Smoking Cessation Program Improves Overall and Lung Cancer Survival
1-Feb-2005 Large International Study Confirms Dangers of Secondhand Smoke
25-Jan-2005 New Cancer Statistics Available

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Date Title
14-Dec-2004 Report Shows States Again Fail to Adequately Fund Tobacco Prevention
14-Dec-2004 A Year to Remember
30-Nov-2004 Smokeless Tobacco Causes Oral and Pancreatic Cancer; Nitrosamines Classified as Human Carcinogens
23-Nov-2004 Achieving Success and Addressing Challenges in Tobacco Control
16-Nov-2004 Teaching the Media About Cancer
16-Nov-2004 National Network Will Help More Smokers Quit
9-Nov-2004 IARC Monograph on Risks of Tobacco Smoke
9-Nov-2004 Addressing the Global Challenge of Cancer
26-Oct-2004 Height May Be Another Risk Factor for Prostate Cancer
19-Oct-2004 Report Shows Exercise is Key for Cancer Survivors
19-Oct-2004 NCI Director to Address Asian Americans
12-Oct-2004 Arylamines and Bladder Cancer Risk in Nonsmokers
12-Oct-2004 Adapting the Translational and Clinical Infrastructure to Meet Tomorrow's Challenges
5-Oct-2004 Transdisciplinary Tobacco Use Research Centers Awarded New Funding
21-Sep-2004 EGFR Mutations Occur Frequently in Never-Smokers Diagnosed with Lung Cancer
3-Aug-2004 Working Group Maps the Way to Healthier Women Worldwide
3-Aug-2004 Randomized Control Trials in Lung Cancer Screening
3-Aug-2004 The 40-Year Battle Against Tobacco: Building Knowledge, Identifying Gaps
27-Jul-2004 Tobacco Products Excise Taxes
27-Jul-2004 Potential Familial Lung Cancer Gene Location Discovered
20-Jul-2004 Smoking Affects Genes in Bronchial Cells
6-Jul-2004 Report to the Nation: Proof of Progress
29-Jun-2004 Smoking Cessation Can Add 10 Years to Life Expectancy
29-Jun-2004 Church-Based Cancer Prevention Program Reaches Out to Community
29-Jun-2004 Teen Smoking Reaches Record Low, CDC Reports
22-Jun-2004 Second Cancers Research Highlights Risks, Opportunities
1-Jun-2004 Similar Risk of Lung Cancer Among Male and Female Smokers
1-Jun-2004 An Executive Commitment to Reducing the Cancer Burden
25-May-2004 United States Signs Tobacco Control Treaty
18-May-2004 Smoking Rates Drop in New York City
4-May-2004 Putting Science into Practice
4-May-2004 The Health Care Provider's Role in Helping Smokers Quit
27-Apr-2004 Halting of Antitobacco Campaign Increases Youth Smoking Susceptibility
20-Apr-2004 Trends Indicate Lung Cancer Disparities Between Women and Men
2-Mar-2004 Scientists Focus on Tobacco Products
10-Feb-2004 Helping Every Smoker Who Would Like to Quit
3-Feb-2004 Menthol Cigarettes Research Conference Summary Available
3-Feb-2004 Studies Find Potential Biomarkers for Ovarian, Head and Neck Cancers
20-Jan-2004 Smoking Reduction Fails to Proportionally Decrease Carcinogen Exposure
13-Jan-2004 Journal Highlights 40th Anniversary of Surgeon General's Report
6-Jan-2004 States with Laws Related to Smoking in Restaurants

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