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Environmental and Genetic Risk

  • Cancer Family Registries

    The Breast Cancer Family Registry (B-CFR) and Colon Cancer Family Registry (C-CFR) are international research infrastructures for investigators interested in conducting population and clinic-based interdisciplinary studies on the genetic and molecular epidemiology of breast and colon cancers and their behavioral implications. A central goal of the CFRs is the translation of this research to the clinical and prevention setting for the benefit of Registry participants and the general public. The CFRs have information and biospecimens contributed by families across the spectrum of risk for these cancers and from population-based or relative controls.

  • Cancer Genetics Network

    The Cancer Genetics Network (CGN) is a resource for investigators conducting research on the genetic basis of human cancer susceptibility; integration of this information into medical practice; and behavioral, ethical, and public health issues associated with human genetics. The CGN can provide a wide variety of research services and specialized expertise to assist investigators with approved studies. Prospective investigators can freely query the CGN core database to learn more about the aggregate characteristics of participants and discover how the CGN may be used for research purposes.

  • Genomic Datasets

    Investigators can apply for controlled access to datasets from cancer genome-wide association studies (GWAS), sequencing, and other genomic datasets. Additional datasets will be added as they become available.

  • Geographic Information System for Breast Cancer Studies on Long Island

    The Epidemiology & Genomics Research Program has developed a Geographic Information System for Breast Cancer Studies on Long Island (LI GIS). The LI GIS provides researchers a unique tool with which to investigate potential relationships between environmental exposures and risk for breast cancer. It potentially can be used for research on other types of cancer and other diseases.