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Step-By-Step Grant Help

Develop your idea

Consult professional contacts and online resources

  • Identify colleagues, potential collaborators, and potential partners from other disciplines who can review and help you develop your concept by providing input and feedback to strengthen the project you ultimately submit for funding

  • Explore NIH Web sites, including those referenced in the sections above, to select the best fit for the research project you are proposing

  • Visit the CTEP Web site for information and resources on choosing a specific research problem and developing your hypothesis

Contact NIH

  • Review the list of key contacts for getting help with your grant application, and identify the person/division with whom you need to get in touch:

  • E-mail a query describing your area of research interest, including an abstract of the proposed research, to the NIH program you have targeted, making sure to including the following note: "If this area of research is not suitable for your program, please forward to the appropriate Program Director." As part of the inquiry and application process, Program Directors

    • Help locate funding opportunities
    • Direct applicants to grant mechanisms that match the goal or intent of the project and experience of the investigator
    • Discuss science and research relevant to their programs
    • Help determine the extent to which a research idea overlaps with existing grants
    • Help applicants network
    • Review abstracts and discuss ideas with new investigators
    • Help identify the appropriate study section
    • Attend study section meetings and provide feedback to applicant for "scored" applications
  • Follow up your query with a telephone call-which should be preceded by an e-mailed abstract of your proposed research-to discuss both your idea and the best funding mechanism for the proposed research or training and career objectives

  • Other contacts at NIH and their roles:

    • Scientific Review Administrator (SRA) decides where grant applications will be reviewed, assigns reviewers, organizes and conducts a fair and impartial review, and generates summary statements
    • Grants Administrator Officer or Technical Assistant (GAB) deals with budget, IRB, and other support/overlap of support

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Last Updated: October 3, 2012

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