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Hollis, Jack F.


DESCRIPTION: (Applicant's Description) State-sponsored anti-tobacco campaigns are motivating large numbers of smokers to seek advice, assistance, and support to make their cessation efforts more successful. Like many states, Oregon has sponsored the implementation of a statewide telephone quitline to provide information, referrals, and cessation support for callers. This study will answer key policy questions about how to most effectively support smokers who call the Oregon Quitline for assistance. The specific aims are to recruit 4,500 callers to participate in a 3 x 2 randomized trial comparing the cost and cost effectiveness of three levels of behavioral intervention. We will also test two different policies on the availability of nicotine patch therapy. Subjects will be interviewed by telephone at 6 and 12 months to assess smoking status, quit attempts, and use of health plan anc community cessation services. Costs will be assessed separately from the perspectives of the patients, health plans, the State (i.e., Oregon Quitline), and society. Cost per quit and cost per year quality-adjusted years of life saved will be calculated from each of these perspectives.

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