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Complete Cancer Control Research Listing:   Active Grants

This list contains grants carried over from prior fiscal years and new grants awarded in the current fiscal year.

Grants 301 to 400 of 976

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PI Name
Organization Name
Project Title
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Grant Number
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Guadagnolo, Beverly A.
Ut Md Anderson Cancer Ctr
Using Claims Data to Evaluate Radiation Therapy Utilization at the End of Life 5R21CA164449-02
Guan, Yongtao
University Of Miami Coral Gables
New Statistical Methods to Handle Spatial Uncertainty in Cancer Risk Estimation 1R01CA169043-01A1
Gustafson, David H.
University Of Wisconsin-Madison
Using Technology to Enhance Cancer Communication and Improve Clinical Outcomes 5P50CA095817-10
Habel, Laurel A.
Kaiser Foundation Research Institute
Mammographic Density & Prognosis among Breast Cancer Intrinsic Subtypes 5R01CA168893-02
Habel, Laurel A.
Kaiser Foundation Research Institute
Pharmaceuticals and Cancer 5R01CA098838-10
Haddock, Christopher Keith
National Development & Res Institutes
Barriers to Effective Tobacco Control Policy Implementation in the US Military 5R01DA036507-09
Haile, Robert WILLIAM
Stanford University
Colon Cancer Family Registry Cohort 1UM1CA167551-01A1
Haiman, Christopher Alan
University Of Southern California
Genome-wide association study of breast cancer in high-risk women 5R01CA165038-02
Haiman, Christopher Alan
University Of Southern California
Genome-wide sequencing of prostate cancer in men of African ancestry 3R01CA165862-02S1
Haiman, Christopher Alan
University Of Southern California
Genome-wide sequencing of prostate cancer in men of African ancestry 5R01CA165862-02
Hall, Susan Audrey
New England Research Institutes, Inc.
Exogenous Testosterone and Risk of Cancer 5R21CA143170-03
Hammond, David
University Of Waterloo
Evaluating the impact of mandatory nutrition information on menus. 1R01CA169045-01A1
Han, Hae-Ra
Johns Hopkins University
Better Breast and Cervical Cancer Control for Korean American Women 5R01CA129060-04
Han, Jiali
Brigham And Women'S Hosp., Inc.
Integrating Genetics of Gene Expression into Pathway Analysis for Melanoma GWAS 5R03CA167741-02
Haneuse, Sebastien
Harvard University (Sch Of Public Hlth)
Clustered semi-competing risks analysis in quality of end-of-life care studies 1R01CA181360-01
Hankinson, Susan E.
University Of Massachusetts Amherst
Biochemical Markers in the Nurses? Health Study Cohort 5U01CA049449-25
Hankinson, Susan E.
Harvard University (Sch Of Public Hlth)
Premenopausal Hormone Levels and Risk of Breast Cancer 5R01CA067262-16
Hankinson, Susan E.
University Of Massachusetts Amherst
Assessing the role of androgens in breast cancer risk 5R01CA166666-02
Hannon, Margaret A.
University Of Washington
Increasing Implementation of Evidence-Based Interventions at Low-Wage Worksites 5R01CA160217-02
Harismendy, Olivier
University Of California San Diego
In vivo detection and genome-wide location analysis of DNA-adducts 1R21CA177519-01
Harper, Felicity
Wayne State University
Physician Use of Patient-Reported Daily Diary Data in Decisions about Phase II Tr 5R21CA152347-02
Harrington, Nancy Grant
University Of Kentucky
Advancing Health Communication Research through the KCHC-DCHC Conference Series 5R13CA168316-03
Harris, Kathleen Mullan
Univ Of North Carolina Chapel Hill
The National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health 5P01HD031921-15
Hashibe, Mia
University Of Utah
Epidemiology of testicular cancer in the Utah population 5R03CA159357-02
Hassett, Michael James
Dana-Farber Cancer Inst
Cancer Recurrence: Detection in Administrative Data, Incidence, and Costs 5R01CA172143-02
Hatsukami, Dorothy K.
University Of Minnesota
Evaluation of Oral Tobacco as a Harm Reduction Method for Smokers 5R01CA135884-06
Hatsukami, Dorothy K.
University Of Minnesota
Novel Determinants and Measures of Smokeless Tobacco Use 5R01CA141531-05
Hawkins, Robert P.
University Of Wisconsin-Madison
Implementing CHESS EHealth Breast Cancer Support in Population-Based Care 5R01CA149005-03
Hawley, Sarah T.
University Of Michigan At Ann Arbor
Evaluating a Preference-Tailored Intervention to Increase CRC Screening 5R01CA131041-05
Hecht, Stephen S.
University Of Minnesota
Benzo[a]pyrene metabolism: phenotyping and genotyping 5R01CA092025-13
Heck, Julia
University Of California Los Angeles
Maternal comorbidities, prescription drug use in pregnancy and childhood cancer 1R21CA175959-01A1
Heckman, Carolyn J.
Research Inst Of Fox Chase Can Ctr
A Tailored Internet Intervention for Skin Cancer Risk Reduction in Young Adults 5R01CA154928-04
Henderson, Brian E.
University Of Southern California
Elucidating Loci Involved in Prostate Cancer Suceptibility 5U19CA148537-04
Henderson, Louise
Univ Of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Technologists Effect on the Accuracy of Mammography (TEAM) 5R01CA155342-03
Henderson, Louise
Univ Of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Developing a Lung Cancer Screening Registry in a State with a High Smoking Rate 1R21CA175983-01A1
Henriksen, Lisa Anne
Stanford University
Impact of Retail Tobacco Advertising on Youth Smoking 5R01CA067850-13
Hershman, Dawn
Columbia University
Using SWOG-Medicare database to evaluate long-term toxicities of cancer survivors 5R01CA166084-02
Hiatt, Robert A.
University Of California, San Francisco
Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Program Coordinating Center 5U01ES019457-04
Hill, Dana Ashley
Children'S Research Institute
DICER1 and the Pleuropulmonary Blastoma Family Cancer Syndrome 5R01CA143167-05
Hillhouse, Joel J.
East Tennessee State University
An Appearance-Based Intervention to Reduce Teen Skin Cancer Risk 5R01CA134891-05
Hipp, James Aaron
Washington University
Ho, Gloria Yf
Albert Einstein College Of Medicine
Serum Levels of EGFR-Signaling-Network Activators/Inhibitor and Lung Cancer Risk 5R01CA143597-03
Ho, Vivian
Rice University
Cost and Quality of Cancer Surgery 5R01CA138640-03
Hocking, Matthew C.
Children'S Hosp Of Philadelphia
Neurocognitive and Family Functioning at End of Therapy in Pediatric Brain Tumor 5R03CA162970-02
Hoelscher, Deanna Marie
University Of Texas Hlth Sci Ctr Houston
Lunch in the Bag: Packing More Fruit, Vegetables, Grain in Preschool Sack Lunches 5R01CA149643-04
Hollen, Patricia Jean
University Of Virginia
A Decision Aid with HRQL Assessment to Reduce Costs in the Treatment of NSCLC 5R01CA157409-02
Hollenbeck, Brent K.
University Of Michigan At Ann Arbor
Impact of Urologist Practice Structure on Prostate Cancer Care 5R01CA168691-02
Holt, Cheryl L.
University Of Maryland College Pk Campus
Longitudinal study of religion and cancer-related behaviors in Black Americans 5R01CA154419-03
Holt, Cheryl L.
University Of Maryland College Pk Campus
Implementation of evidence-based cancer early detection in Black churches 5R01CA147313-04
Hooper, Monica Webb
University Of Miami Coral Gables
Culturally Specific Interventions and Acculturation in African American Smokers 5R01CA151614-03
Horn, Kimberly A.
George Washington University
Social-Ecological Framework to Improve Youth Smoking Outcomes 1R01CA169070-01A1
Hornik, Robert C.
University Of Pennsylvania
Penn's Center of Excellence in Cancer Communication Research 5P20CA095856-10
Horwitz, Steven
Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Res
Communication Skills Intervention to Promote Transition into Survivorship 5R01CA151899-03
Houston, Thomas K.
Univ Of Massachusetts Med Sch Worcester
QUIT-PRIMO:Web-delivered Clinical Microsystem Intervention for Tobacco Control 5R01CA129091-06
Hovell, Melbourne F.
San Diego State University
Clinician Promotion of Healthy Diet and Activity to Reduce Obesity Among Adolesce 5R01CA138192-06
Hoyo, Cathrine
Duke University
Disparities in cervical cancer precursors and deregulation of imprinted genes 5R01CA142983-04
Hsing, Ann
Cancer Prevention Instit Of California
Circadian Genes and Breast Cancer in African Americans and Caucasians 1U01CA182974-01
Hsing, Ann
Cancer Prevention Instit Of California
Circadian Genes and Aggressive Prostate Cancer in Caucasians and African American 5R03CA176767-02
Hsu, John
Massachusetts General Hospital
Screening for Free: A Value-Based Insurance Design Natural Experiment 5R01CA164023-02
Hu, Frank B.
Harvard University (Sch Of Public Hlth)
Harvard Transdisciplinary Research in Energetics and Cancer Center 5U54CA155626-03
Hu, Jennifer J.
University Of Miami School Of Medicine
Impact of Genomics on Disparities in Breast Cancer Radiosensitivity 5R01CA135288-05
Hu, Teh-Wei
Public Health Institute
Tobacco Control Policy Analysis & Intervention Evaluation in China and Tanzania 5R01TW009295-02
Hubbard, Rebecca
Group Health Cooperative
Statistical Methods for Estimation of Benefits & Harms of Repeat Cancer Screening 1R03CA182986-01
Hudson, Shawna V.
Rbhs-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Extended Cancer Education for Longer-term Survivors (EXCELS) In Primary Care 1R01CA176838-01A1
Hughes, John R.
University Of Vermont & St Agric College
Treatment of smoking lapses and relapses 5R01CA165080-02
Hughes, John R.
University Of Vermont & St Agric College
A Test of Two Clinical Methods to Prompt a Quit Attempt Among Tobacco Smokers 5R01CA163176-02
Hughes, John
University Of Minnesota
Copula Models for Spatial Epidemiology of Cancer 1R03CA179555-01A1
Hunter, David John
Harvard University (Sch Of Public Hlth)
Discovery, Biology and Risk of Inherited Variants in Breast Cancer 5U19CA148065-04
Hur, Chin
Massachusetts General Hospital
Esophageal Adenocarcinoma Policy Model: Trends, Risk Factors and Screening 5R01CA140574-05
Hur, Chin
Massachusetts General Hospital
Controlling Esophageal Cancer in the US.: A Colloraborative Modeling Project 5U01CA152926-04
Hwang, Jessica Park
Ut Md Anderson Cancer Ctr
Widespread vs Selective Screening for Hepatitis B Infection Prior to Chemotherapy 5R21CA167202-02
Iezzoni, Lisa I.
Massachusetts General Hospital
Examining Disparities in Cancer Screening for Persons with Disabilities 5R01CA160286-02
Inoue, Lurdes Y.T.
University Of Washington
Modeling Breast Cancer Recurrence Using New Statistical Methods for Semi-Markov P 5R01CA160239-03
Irwin, Melinda L.
Yale University
RCT of exercise on aromatase inhibitor side effects in breast cancer survivors 5R01CA132931-04
Irwin, Melinda L.
Yale University
Impact of exercise on ovarian cancer prognosis 5R01CA138556-05
Irwin, Michael R.
University Of California Los Angeles
Sleep, Inflamation, and Depression Occurrence in Breast Cancer Survivors 5R01CA160245-02
Iversen, Edwin Severin
Duke University
Models for Consortium Level Analysis of GxE Interaction in Complex Disease 5R21CA165916-02
Jacobson, Mireille
Rand Corporation
The Welfare Consequences of Oncology Drug Shortages 5R21CA173047-02
Janzen, William Perry
Univ Of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Cavitation Enhancement of Biospecimen processing for Improved DNA Fragmentation 5R21CA173124-02
Jarvik, Gail Pairitz
University Of Washington
Clinical sequencing in cancer: Clinical ethical and technological studies 5U01HG006507-03
Jennings, Ernestine G.
Miriam Hospital
Postpartum Exercise Intervention for Previously Smoking Mothers 5R03CA162985-02
Jensen, Roxanne
Georgetown University
Ji, Hanlee
Stanford University
Oligonucleotide-Selective Sequencing for integrated and rapid cancer genome analy 1R33CA174575-01
Ji, Yuan
Northshore University Healthsystem
Bayesian models for cancer prognosis by integrating diverse types of data 7R01CA132897-05
Jiao, Li
Baylor College Of Medicine
Advanced glycation end products and colorectal cancer risk in women 5R03CA156626-02
Jiao, Li
Baylor College Of Medicine
Advanced Glycation End-Products and Risk of Pancreatic Cancer 1R01CA172880-01A1
Jimbo, Masahito
University Of Michigan At Ann Arbor
Decision Aid to Technologically Enhance Shared Decision Making (DATES) 5R01CA152413-04
John, Esther M.
Cancer Prevention Instit Of California
LEGACY: A Cohort of Youth in Families from the Breast Cancer Family Registry 5R01CA138638-04
John, Esther M.
Cancer Prevention Instit Of California
Breast Cancer Family Registry Cohort 5UM1CA164920-02
Johnson, Christine C
Henry Ford Health System
Statins & Lymphoid Malignancy Risk in a Large Multi-Site Population-Based Cohort 5R01CA140754-04
Johnson, Jerry Calvin
University Of Pennsylvania
Community-based Navigator Program for Cancer Control in African Americans 5R01CA132656-05
Johnson, Valen Earl
Texas A&M University
Consistent model selection in the p>>n setting 5R01CA158113-04
Jones, Beth A.
Yale University
Cancer Screening Behavior in Hispanic/Latinas Living in the Northeast United Stat 5R01CA134276-05
Jones, Lee W.
Duke University
Randomized Trial of Optimal Type of Aerobic Training in Breast Cancer 5R01CA142566-05
Jones, Lee W.
Duke University
Aerobic Training During or After Adjuvant Therapy: A Randomized Trial 5R01CA164751-02
Jones, Resa M.
Virginia Commonwealth University
An Interactive Preventive Health Record to Increase Colorectal Cancer Screening 5R01CA166375-02
Juon, Hee-Soon
Johns Hopkins University
Lay Health Worker Model to Reduce Liver Cancer Disparities in Asian Americans 5R01CA163805-03
Kagawa-Singer, Marjorie Louise
University Of California Los Angeles
Culture, Social Support & Quality of Life: Asian American Breast Cancer Survivors 5R01CA158314-04
Kahana, Eva
Case Western Reserve University
Health Care Partners in Cancer Prevention and Care Among Aged - Competing Renewal 5R01CA098966-09
Kahler, Christopher W.
Brown University
Development of Positive Psychotherapy for Smoking Cessation 5R01CA156241-02

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** Includes all publications listed in PubMed authored by the Principal Investigator and supported by the specified grant. Please note that not all grants have publications listed in PubMed, and the listing of publications in PubMed may not be complete.

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