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Complete Cancer Control Research Listing:   Active Grants

This list contains grants carried over from prior fiscal years and new grants awarded in the current fiscal year.

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PI Name
Organization Name
Project Title
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Ossip, Deborah J.
University Of Rochester
Community-Partnered Tobacco Control in Underserved Dominican Republic Communities 5R01CA132950-05
Owen, Jason E.
Palo Alto Veterans Instit For Research
Impact of Social Networking on Dose and Effects of Cancer Survivorship Trials 7R21CA166029-02
Ozers, Mary Szatkowski
Proteovista, Llc
High Density Peptide Arrays for Cancer-Related Post-Translational Modifications 5R21CA182335-02
Pagoto, Sherry L.
Univ Of Massachusetts Med Sch Worcester
Pilot Investigation of Behavioral Alternatives to Indoor Tanning 5R21CA161576-02
Palmer, Julie R.
Boston University Medical Campus
Gene Polymorphisms in Relation to Cancer in Black Women 5R01CA098663-07
Palmer, Steven C.
University Of Pennsylvania
Implementing survivorship care plans: Metrics to foster research and fidelity 5R21CA169950-02
Parekh, Dipen
University Of Miami School Of Medicine
Open vs Robot-Assisted Radical Cystectomy: A Randomized Trial 5R01CA155388-05
Park, Crystal L.
University Of Connecticut Storrs
Targeting the Teachable Moment: A Lifestyle Intervention for Breast Cancer Surviv 5R21CA152129-02
Park, Elyse R.
Massachusetts General Hospital
Integrating Tobacco Treatment into Cancer Care 5R01CA166147-03
Park, Jong Y.
H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Ctr & Res Inst
Genetic & epigenetic analysis of angiogenesis genes in recurrent prostate cancer 5R01CA128813-05
Parmigiani, Giovanni LUIGI
Dana-Farber Cancer Inst
Novel Tools for Familial Risk Prediction 5R21CA177233-02
Parmigiani, Giovanni Luigi
Dana-Farber Cancer Inst
Bioinformatics Tools for Genomic Analysis of Tumor and Stromal Pathways in Cancer 5R01CA174206-03
Pasch, Keryn Elizabeth
University Of Texas, Austin
Unhealthy Food and Beverage Advertising Around Schools 5R03CA158962-02
Pasick, Rena Joy
University Of California, San Francisco
Prostate Cancer Detection Decision-Making for Low-Income African American Men 5R21CA171953-02
Paskett, Electra D.
Ohio State University
Reducing Cervical Cancer in Appalachia 5P50CA105632-10
Pate, Russell R.
University Of South Carolina At Columbia
Development of an Innovative Physical Activity Self-report Instrument for Youth 7R21CA158577-02
Patrick, Kevin
University Of California San Diego
mDiet: A Text Message Intervention for Weight Loss 5R01CA138730-04
Patrick, Kevin
University Of California San Diego
CYCORE: Cyberinfrastructure for Cancer Comparative Effectiveness Research 1R01CA177996-01A1
Patten, Christi A.
Mayo Clinic Rochester
Community Intervention to Reduce Tobacco Use among Pregnant Alaska Native Women 5R01CA164533-02
Patterson, Ruth E.
University Of California San Diego
Energetics & Breast Cancer: Obesity, Inflammation, Insulin Resistance & Risk 5U54CA155435-04
Pekmezi, Dorothy W.
University Of Alabama At Birmingham
IVR-Supported Interventions for Cancer Prevention in the Deep South 1R03CA177538-01A1
Peppone, Luke Joseph
University Of Rochester
Feasibility of Omega-3 Supplementation for Cancer-related Fatigue 1R03CA175599-01A1
Pereira, Deidre B.
University Of Florida
Cognitive Behavioral Effects on Sleep, Pain, and Cytokines in Gynecologic Cancer 5R01CA138808-05
Peters, Ulrike
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Detection of Colorectal Cancer Susceptibility Loci Using Genome-Wide Sequencing 5U01CA164930-03
Peters, Ulrike
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Molecular pathological epidemiology of colorectal cancer 2U01CA137088-05
Petersen, Gloria M.
Mayo Clinic Rochester
Disclosing Genomic Incidental Findings in a Cancer Biobank: An ELSI Experiment 5R01CA154517-04
Peterson, Arthur V.
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Proactive Smoking Cessation for Adolescents 5R01CA082569-13
Peterson, Susan K.
University Of Tx Md Anderson Can Ctr
Sensor-assisted prevention of dehydration in head and neck cancer patients 5R01CA177914-02
Petritis, Konstantinos
Phoenix Children'S Hospital
Preservation of Dried Plasma Spots for downstream proteomic applications 1R21CA177457-01A1
Pezzin, Liliana E.
Medical College Of Wisconsin
Mechanisms Underlying SES Disparities in Breast Cancer Mortality 5R01CA170945-02
Phelan, Catherine
H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Ctr & Res Inst
The Mitochondrial Genome and Ovarian Cancer Risk 5R01CA149429-05
Pieters, Huibrie Christelle
University Of California Los Angeles
Decision making on aromatase inhibitors in breast cancer survivors 65 and older 5R21CA167218-02
Pietromonaco, Paula R.
University Of Massachusetts Amherst
Biopsychosocial Factors in Depression and Marriage: Implications for Cancer 5R01CA133908-05
Pike, Malcolm C.
Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research
Hormonal effects on fallopian tube and ovary inclusion cysts, and ovarian cancer 1R21CA181923-01A1
Platz, Elizabeth A.
Johns Hopkins University
Enhancing ARIC Infrastructure to Yield a New Cancer Epidemiology Cohort 5U01CA164975-03
Plon, Sharon E.
Baylor College Of Medicine
Incorporation of Genomic Sequencing into Pediatric Cancer Care 5U01HG006485-04
Plon, Sharon Emma
Baylor College Of Medicine
Genomic Approaches to Defining Inherited Basis of Childhood Cancer 5R01CA138836-03
Pollak, Kathryn I.
Duke University
SMS scheduled gradual reduction text messages to help pregnant smokers quit 5R01CA166149-02
Potosky, Arnold L.
Georgetown University
Impact Of Genomic and Personalized Medicine in Women Under 65 With Breast Cancer 5R01CA160671-03
Poynter, Jenny N.
University Of Minnesota
Molecular Epidemiology of Pediatric Germ Cell Tumors 5R01CA151284-04
Prentice, Ross L.
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Statistical Methods for Medical Studies 5P01CA053996-37
Prentice, Ross L.
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Nutrition and Physical Activity Assessment Study (NPAAS) 5R01CA119171-08
Prescott, Jennifer
Brigham And Women'S Hospital
Development of an endometrial cancer risk model 5U01CA167763-02
Primack, Brian A.
University Of Pittsburgh At Pittsburgh
Waterpipe Tobacco Smoking among U.S. Adolescents and Young Adults 5R01CA140150-05
Primack, Brian A.
University Of Pittsburgh At Pittsburgh
Improving U.S. health policy regarding water-pipe tobacco smoking 1R21CA185767-01
Prokhorov, Alexander V.
University Of Tx Md Anderson Can Ctr
Enhancing cancer outreach for low-income adults with innovative smoking cessation 5R01CA141628-06
Qin, Li-Xuan
Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research
Statistical Methods for Normalizing Microarrays in Cancer Biomarker Studies 5R01CA151947-04
Quillin, John M.
Virginia Commonwealth University
Enabling family communication about cancer - Do you know your Kin Facts? 5R01CA140959-05
Radecki Breitkopf, Carmen
Mayo Clinic Rochester
Trial Participation Decision Making in Ovarian Cancer Patients and Their Families 5R03CA175462-02
Rajan, Suja S.
University Of Texas Hlth Sci Ctr Houston
Effectiveness of Pegfilgrastim Vs. Filgrastim in Elderly Breast Cancer Patients 5R03CA181977-02
Ramaswamy, Megha
University Of Kansas Medical Center
Sexual Health Empowerment for Cervical Health Literacy and Cancer Prevention 1R01CA181047-01A1
Ramsey, Scott D.
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
A Multi-State Study of Cancer Treatment and Outcomes Among American Indians 5R01CA125231-06
Ramus, Susan J.
University Of Southern California
Identifying Prognostic Markers and Therapeutic Targets for Serous Ovarian Cancer 5R01CA172404-02
Raskin, Leonid
Vanderbilt University
Genetic Basis of Familial Colorectal Cancer Type X 5R00CA158141-05
Recklitis, Christopher John
Dana-Farber Cancer Inst
Automated interviews to validate distress measures in cancer survivors 5R21CA161315-02
Redd, William H.
Icahn School Of Medicine At Mount Sinai
Treating Cancer-Related Cognitive Impairment Through Systematic Light Exposure 1R21CA178307-01A1
Reding, Kerryn W.
University Of Washington
Gentoxic Estrogen Ratio: A Novel Estrogen Biomarker and Breast Cancer Risk 5R21CA178373-02
Rees, Judith R.
Dartmouth College
Participant beliefs and bias in a randomized controlled trial 5R03CA178272-02
Reeve, Bryce B.
Univ Of North Carolina Chapel Hill
PROMIS Validation in Prospective Population-based Prostate Cancer Research Study 5R01CA174453-03
Reeves, Katherine Whitney
University Of Massachusetts Amherst
Depression, Antidepressant Use, and Breast Cancer Risk 1R03CA186228-01
Relling, Mary V.
St. Jude Children'S Research Hospital
PAAR4Kids-Pharmacogenomics of Anticancer Agents Research in Children 5U01GM092666-05
Reynolds, Peggy
Cancer Prevention Instit Of California
Where were you then? New insights into breast cancer and the environment (PQ2) 5R01CA170394-03
Ribisl, Kurt M.
Univ Of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Maximizing state & local policies to restrict tobacco marketing at point of sale 5U01CA154281-04
Ridner, Sheila H.
Vanderbilt University
Feasibility and Preliminary Efficacy of Yoga in Head and Neck Cancer Survivors 5R21CA173202-02
Robinson, Jason D.
University Of Tx Md Anderson Can Ctr
(PQA3) Smartphone delivered attentional bias modification training for smokers 1R01CA184781-01
Robinson, June K.
Northwestern University At Chicago
A comparison of interventions to teach melanoma patients' skin self-examination 5R01CA154908-04
Rock, Cheryl L.
University Of California San Diego
Reducing Breast Cancer Recurrence with Weight Loss: A Vanguard Trial 5R01CA148791-04
Rogers, Laura Q.
University Of Alabama At Birmingham
Enhancing physical activity after breast cancer diagnosis: randomized trial 5U01CA136859-06
Rohan, Thomas E.
Albert Einstein College Of Medicine
microRNA expression profiling of benign breast tissue and breast cancer risk 5R01CA142942-05
Rollison, Dana Elise
H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Ctr & Res Inst
Prospective study of cutaneous viral infections and non-melanoma skin cancer 1R01CA177586-01A1
Rosenberg, Lynn
Boston University Medical Campus
A Follow-up Study for Causes of Cancer in Black Women 5UM1CA164974-03
Rosenberg, Lynn
Boston University Medical Campus
A Follow-up Study for Causes of Illness in Black Women 5R01CA058420-20
Ross, Julie Ann
University Of Minnesota
Predictors of myelodysplastic syndrome in Minnesota 5R01CA142714-05
Rosser, B. R. Simon
University Of Minnesota
Understanding the Effects of Prostate Cancer on Gay and Bisexual Men 1R21CA182041-01A1
Rossi, Joseph S.
University Of Rhode Island
Analyzing Mechanisms of Cancer Risk Behavior Changes Over Time 1R03CA184446-01
Rossing, Mary Anne
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Epidemiologic factors and survival by molecular subtypes of ovarian cancer 5R01CA168758-02
Rozek, Laura
University Of Michigan
Integrative epigenomic/genomic profiling and biomarker discovery in HPV+ and HPV- 5R01CA158286-04
Rubin, Mark A.
Weill Medical Coll Of Cornell Univ
Towards Understanding Prostate Cancer Heterogeneity 5R01CA125612-06
Rubinstein, Mark L.
University Of California, San Francisco
Nicotine Metabolism and the Development of Addiction in Adolescent Light Smokers 8R01DA036508-05
Sabik, Lindsay Marie
Virginia Commonwealth University
Disparities in Cancer Screening: The Role of Medicaid Policy 5R01CA178980-02
Saelens, Brian E.
Seattle Children'S Hospital
Structural & Programmatic Effects of Bus Rapid Transit on Physical Activity 1R01CA178343-01A1
Sahler, Olle Jane Z.
University Of Rochester
Online Problem-Solving Skills Training for Mothers of Childhood Cancer Patients 5R01CA159013-03
Saigal, Christopher
University Of California Los Angeles
Conjoint Analysis: Overcoming Obstacles to Routine Formal Preference Assessment i 5R01CA134997-05
Salsman, John
Northwestern University At Chicago
Meta-Analysis of Positive Psychology Interventions for Cancer (MAPPIC) 1R03CA184560-01
Salyakina, Daria
University Of Miami Coral Gables
Identification of Novel Viruses Associated with Malignant Diseases 5R03CA171052-02
Sargent, James D.
Dartmouth College
Cinema Smoking and Youth Smoking in Latin America 5R01TW009274-03
Sargent, James D.
Dartmouth College
Visual Media Influences on Adolescent Smoking Behavior 2R01CA077026-15A1
Sarkar, Urmimala
University Of California, San Francisco
Influencing cervical cancer prevention and detection online through social media 1R01CA178875-01A1
Sawaya, George F.
University Of California, San Francisco
Using comparative effectiveness analyses to optimize cervical cancer screening 5R01CA169093-02
Sayette, Michael Andrew
University Of Pittsburgh At Pittsburgh
An Olfactory Method for Controlling Cigarette Craving 1R01CA184779-01
Scarinci, Isabel C.
University Of Alabama At Birmingham
Tobacco Control Network among Women in Parana, Brazil - II 5R01TW009272-03
Scelo, Ghislaine
International Agency For Res On Cancer
Pooled genome-wide analysis of kidney cancer risk 5U01CA155309-04
Schapira, Marilyn M.
University Of Pennsylvania
Lung Cancer Screening: A Debate of Practice, Policy, and Science 1R13CA189538-01
Schauer, Daniel P.
University Of Cincinnati
Impact of Bariatric Surgery on Cancer Incidence in Severely Obese Adults 1R01CA175346-01A1
Scheet, Paul A.
University Of Tx Md Anderson Can Ctr
Discovery of Risk Loci and Genomics of Pancreatic Cancer through Exome Sequencing 1R01CA181244-01
Schiffman, Joshua David
University Of Utah
Genetic Risk Factors for Ewing's Sarcoma 5R01CA161780-03
Schildkraut, Joellen M.
Duke University
Epidemiology of Ovarian Cancer in African-American Women 5R01CA142081-05
Schmitz, Kathryn H.
University Of Pennsylvania
The COURAGE Trial: Colon Recurrence and Aerobic Exercise: A Feasibility Study 1R21CA182767-01A1
Schmitz, Kathryn H.
University Of Pennsylvania
Penn TREC Survivor Center 5U54CA155850-04
Schnall, Mitchell D.
University Of Pennsylvania
Penn Center for Innovation in Personalized Breast Screening 5U54CA163313-04

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** Includes all publications listed in PubMed authored by the Principal Investigator and supported by the specified grant. Please note that not all grants have publications listed in PubMed, and the listing of publications in PubMed may not be complete.

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