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Complete Cancer Control Research Listing:   Active Grants

This list contains grants carried over from prior fiscal years and new grants awarded in the current fiscal year.

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PI Name
Organization Name
Project Title
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Grant Number
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Schwartz, Lisa
Children'S Hosp Of Philadelphia
Transition Readiness of Adolescent and Young Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer 5R21CA141332-02
Schwartz, Marc D.
Georgetown University
Schwartzman, Armin
North Carolina State University Raleigh
Multiple testing methods for random fields and high-dimensional dependent data 7R01CA157528-03
Sears, Cynthia
Johns Hopkins University
Enterotoxigenic Bacteroides fragilis: A bacterial promoter of colon oncogenesis 5R01CA151393-05
Sellers, Thomas A.
H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Ctr & Res Inst
Follow-up of Ovarian Cancer Genetic Association and Interaction Studies (FOCI) 3U19CA148112-04S1
Sellers, Thomas A.
H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Ctr & Res Inst
Follow-up of Ovarian Cancer Genetic Association and Interaction Studies (FOCI) 5U19CA148112-04
Setiawan, Veronica Wendy
University Of Southern California
Investigating the cause of racial/ethnic disparity in hepatocellular cancer risk 1R03CA186203-01
Severson, Herbert H.
Oregon Research Institute
Nicotine Lozenges and Assisted Self-help for Smokeless Tobacco Cessation 5R01CA142952-04
Sharpe, Patricia A.
University Of South Carolina At Columbia
Evaluating a food hub's impact on food access, diet and weight in a food desert 5R01CA180336-02
Shastri, Surendra Srinivas
Tata Memorial Hospital
Early Detection of Common Cancers in Women in India 4R01CA074801-15
Shelley, Donna R.
New York University School Of Medicine
Implementing tobacco use treatment guidelines in community health centers in Viet 1R01CA175329-01A1
Shelley, Donna R.
New York University School Of Medicine
Implementing tobacco use treatment guidelines in dental public health clinics 5R01CA162035-03
Shen, Jie
Ut Md Anderson Cancer Ctr
Mitochondrial DNA heteroplasmy and breast cancer risk 5R03CA162131-02
Shen, Jing
Columbia University Health Sciences
Aberrant DNA Methylation of MicroRNA Genes in Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) 5R03CA156629-02
Shepherd, John Alan
University Of California, San Francisco
Subregional Breast Density and Cancer Risk 5R21CA157254-02
Sherman, Simon
University Of Nebraska Medical Center
Multi-Center Thyroid Tumor and Cancer Registry 1R03CA175668-01A1
Sherwood, Nancy E.
Healthpartners Institute
Evaluating Options for Non-Responders: A SMART Approach to Enhancing Weight Loss 1R01CA188892-01
Shete, Sanjay
Ut Md Anderson Cancer Ctr
Genome Wide Association Study of Head and Neck Cancer 5R01CA131324-05
Shields, Cleveland George
Purdue University West Lafayette
Social and behavioral influences on clinical communication and pain management 5R01CA155376-04
Shokar, Navkiran
Texas Tech University Health Scis Center
Colorectal Cancer Screening: A New Web-Based Decision-Making Strategy for Low-Lit 1R21CA178506-01A1
Shrubsole, Martha J.
Vanderbilt University
Reproducibility and validity of microbiomial markers in colorectal cancer 1R03CA183019-01
Shu, Xiao-Ou
Vanderbilt University
Shanghai Men's Health Study 1UM1CA173640-01A1
Shu, Xiao-Ou
Vanderbilt University
Calcium intake and lung cancer: effect modification by sex and smoking status 1R03CA183021-01A1
Shu, Xiao-Ou
Vanderbilt University
Shanghai Breast Cancer Study 5R01CA064277-14
Shu, Xiao-Ou
Vanderbilt University
Vitamin D status, Gene Polymorphism and Breast Cancer Progression/Prognosis 5R03CA156648-02
Shuter, Jonathan
Albert Einstein College Of Medicine
A Pilot Study of Positively Smoke Free on the Web (PSFW) for HIV-infected Smokers 5R21CA163100-02
Siegmund, Kimberly D.
University Of Southern California
Applying Molecular Phylogeny to Predict Clinical Outcomes in Cancer 5R21CA151139-02
Silverberg, Michael J.
Kaiser Foundation Research Institute
Antiretroviral Therapy Strategies to Lower Cancer Risk in HIV-Infected Persons 5R01CA165937-03
Siminoff, Laura A.
Temple Univ Of The Commonwealth
Communication and Economic Outcomes for Cancer Survivors 7R01CA168647-02
Simmons, Vani N.
H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Ctr & Res Inst
Smoking Relapse-Prevention Intervention for Cancer Patients 5R01CA154596-04
Simon, Melissa Andrea
Northwestern University At Chicago
Adapting patient navigation to promote cancer screening in Chicagos Chinatown 5R01CA163830-03
Sinha, Samiran
Texas A&M University
Innovative approaches for analyzing SEER breast cancer data 5R03CA176760-02
Skibola, Christine F.
University Of Alabama At Birmingham
Resequencing and Functional Studies to Identify Causal Gene Variants of Lymphoma 5R01CA154643-05
Skinner, Celette S.
Ut Southwestern Medical Center
Parkland-UT Southwestern PROSPR Center Colon Cancer Screening in a Safety net 3U54CA163308-04S1
Skinner, Celette Sugg
Ut Southwestern Medical Center
Parkand-UT Southwestern PROSPR Center: Colon cancer screening in a safety net 5U54CA163308-04
Slager, Susan L.
Mayo Clinic Rochester
Genetic Epidemiology of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia 5U01CA118444-09
Slattery, Martha L.
University Of Utah
Disparities in Breast Cancer: Development and Survival in Hispanic and NHW Women 5R01CA140002-06
Slattery, Martha Or Marty L.
University Of Utah
Diet, Activity, and Lifestyle as a Risk Factor for Colorectal Cancer 5R01CA048998-17
Sloan, Erica Kate
University Of California Los Angeles
Adrenergic regulation of tumor inflammation and metastatic dissemination 5R01CA160890-03
Sloan, Jeff Sloan
Mayo Clinic Rochester
Assessing PROMIS and other simple patient-reported measures for cancer research 5R01CA154537-03
Smieliauskas, Fabrice
University Of Chicago
Capacity constraints and disparities in the scale-up of lung cancer CT screening 1R03CA184986-01
Smith, Allan H.
University Of California Berkeley
Early-life arsenic exposure and adult mortality in Region II, Chile 5R01CA129558-03
Smith, Katherine Clegg
Johns Hopkins University
Eating for Life: Dietary Behaviors Among Long Term Cancer Survivors 5R21CA152789-02
Smith, Maureen A.
University Of Wisconsin-Madison
Virtual Colonoscopy and Colorectal Cancer Screening 5R01CA144835-04
Smith, Selina A.
Georgia Regents University
Efficacy-to-Effectiveness Transition of an Educational Program to Increase Colore 7R01CA166785-03
Sood, Anil K.
Ut Md Anderson Cancer Ctr
Ovarian Cancer: Mechanisms of Neuroendocrine Regulation 2R01CA109298-10
Sorensen, Glorian C.
Dana-Farber Cancer Inst
Promoting Tobacco Control Among Teachers in India 5R01CA120958-05
Sorensen, Glorian C.
Dana-Farber Cancer Inst
Mumbai Worksite Tobacco Control Study 5R01CA140304-05
Soulakova, Julia
University Of Nebraska Lincoln
Investigating degree of quality of national data on self- and proxy-reported smok 5R03CA165831-02
Spiegelman, Donna L.
Harvard School Of Public Health
Measurement Errors in Cancer Epidemiology 5R01CA050597-18
Spink, David C.
Wadsworth Center
Impact of proximal promoter polymorphisms on AHR gene expression in human lung 5R03CA170960-02
Spitz, Margaret R.
Baylor College Of Medicine
Inflammation Genes and Lung Cancer Risk 5R01CA127219-07
Sprague, Brian L.
University Of Vermont & St Agric College
Vermont PROSPR Research Center (VPRC) 5U54CA163303-04
Stabile, Laura P.
University Of Pittsburgh At Pittsburgh
(PQA2) Elucidating the link between obesity, inflammation and estrogen signaling 1R21CA184611-01
Stadler, Zsofia Kinga
Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research
Germline Susceptibility in Double Primary Cancers via Nexy-Generation Sequencing 1R21CA178800-01A1
Stamatakis, Katherine A.
Saint Louis University
Stampfer, Meir J.
Brigham And Women'S Hospital
Long Term Multidisciplinary Study of Cancer in Women: The Nurses Health Study 1UM1CA186107-01
Stampfer, Meir
Brigham And Women'S Hospital
Dietary and Hormonal Determinants of Cancer in Women 5P01CA087969-15
Stampfer, Meir
Brigham And Women'S Hospital
Growth Factors and Lethal Prostate Cancer Signature 5R01CA141298-04
Stampfer, Meir
Harvard School Of Public Health
Validity of Diet and Activity Measures in Men 5U01CA152904-04
Stanton, Annette L.
University Of California Los Angeles
Emotion Regulation and Depression in Breast Cancer Survivorship 5R01CA133081-05
Stephen, Josena K.
Henry Ford Health System
DNA methylation markers for early detection of thyroid cancer 5R03CA159426-02
Sterba, Katherine Regan
Medical University Of South Carolina
A Surviorship Planning Tool for Head and Neck Cancer Patients and Caregivers 5R21CA173271-02
Stern, Marilyn
University Of South Florida
Targeting Caregivers to Enhance Health Behaviors in Pediatric Cancer Survivors 1R21CA167259-01A1
Stigler, Melissa Harrell
University Of Texas Hlth Sci Ctr Houston
Preventing tobacco use among adolescents in Uruguay: Project Activate 5R01DA035157-03
Stolley, Melinda R.
University Of Illinois At Chicago
Moving Forward: A weight loss program for African-American breast cancer survivo 5R01CA154406-04
Stone, Maureen
University Of Maryland Baltimore
Predictors of Speech Quality after Tongue Cancer Surgery 5R01CA133015-05
Strecher, Victor J.
University Of Michigan
Michigan Center for Health Communications Research II 5P50CA101451-10
Strickler, Howard D.
Albert Einstein College Of Medicine
Role of the Sex Hormones and Insulin/IGF-Axes in Endometrial Cancer Recurrence 5R01CA133010-04
Strickler, Howard D.
Albert Einstein College Of Medicine
HPV & Cervix Neoplasia in a Large, Long Term HIV + Cohort 5R01CA085178-15
Sturgeon, Susan R.
University Of Massachusetts Amherst
Epigenotyping in Peripheral Blood Cell DNA and Risk of Breast Cancer 1R15CA170111-01A1
Sturm, Roland
Rand Corporation
Neighborhood Environments and Diet: Evaluating the Fast Food Ban in Los Angeles 5R03CA173040-02
Sturm, Roland
Rand Corporation
Evaluation of the Healthy Foods Program 5R21CA161287-02
Su, Min-Ying L.
University Of California-Irvine
Volume and Morphology of Fibroglandular Tissue for Breast Cancer Risk Prediction 5R21CA170955-02
Sun, Jianguo Tony
University Of Missouri-Columbia
Treatment Comparison and Estimation of Relative Risks with Failure Time Data 5R01CA152035-04
Sun, Jielin
Wake Forest University Health Sciences
Gene-hormone interaction and risk of breast cancer 5R01CA149135-03
Sun, Mingui
University Of Pittsburgh At Pittsburgh
Wearable eButton for Evaluation of Energy Balance with Environmental Context and 5R01CA165255-02
Sun, Wei
Univ Of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Dissect genetic basis of cancer using allele-specific gene expression 5R03CA167684-02
Sutphen, Rebecca
University Of South Florida
Impact of BRCA Testing on Newly Diagnosed U.S. Breast Cancer Patients 5R01CA172743-02
Symanski, Elaine
University Of Texas Hlth Sci Ctr Houston
Early Life Exposures to Air Toxics and the Risk of Early Childhood Leukemia 5R03CA162172-02
Syngal, Sapna
Dana-Farber Cancer Inst
Validation and Extension of the PREMM Model for Inherited Colorectal Cancer 2R01CA132829-05
Syrjala, Karen Leslie
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Internet Studies to Enhance Long Term Survivorship after Hematologic Malignancy 5R01CA160684-04
Tamimi, Rulla M.
Brigham And Women'S Hospital
Mammographic density and texture features in relation to breast cancer risk 1R01CA175080-01A1
Tang, Li
Roswell Park Cancer Institute Corp
Racial disparities in human endogenous retrovirus and breast cancer 5R03CA156645-02
Tavtigian, Sean Vahram
University Of Utah
Classifying DNA Mismatch Repair Gene Variants of Unknown Significance 5R01CA164944-02
Tavtigian, Sean Vahram
University Of Utah
Massively Parallel Sequencing for Familial Colon Cancer Genes 5R01CA164138-03
Taylor, Jeremy Mg
University Of Michigan
Statistical Methods for Cancer Biomarkers 5R01CA129102-06
Taylor, Kathryn L.
Georgetown University
Taylor, Victoria M.
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
HPV Vaccination in the Cambodian Community 5R21CA159908-02
Teno, Joan M.
Brown University
The Revolving Door of Cancer Care For Older Americans 5R21CA161781-02
Tercyak, Kenneth
Georgetown University
Adolescents' Long-Term Adaptation to Familial Cancer Risks 5R01CA137625-05
Terry, Mary Beth
Columbia University Health Sciences
Genes, environment and breast cancer risk: The 15 year follow-up of the Prof-SC 5R01CA159868-04
Terry, Mary Beth
Columbia University Health Sciences
LEGACY: A cohort of youth in families from the Breast Cancer Family Registry 5R01CA138822-04
Thibodeau, Stephen Norman
Mayo Clinic Rochester
Prostate Cancer Susceptibility: The ICPCG Study 2U01CA089600-10A1
Thibodeau, Stephen Norman
Mayo Clinic Rochester
Functional Significance of Prostate Cancer risk-SNPs 5R01CA151254-04
Thomas, Nancy E.
Univ Of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Melanoma RAS/BRAF Mutation: Heterogeneity-Risk-Prognosis 5R01CA112243-10
Thompson, Beti
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Understanding and preventing breast cancer disparties in Latinas 5P50CA148143-05
Thornquist, Mark
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
TREC Coordination Center 5U01CA116850-09
Thornton, Timothy Alvin
University Of Washington
Impact of large-scale genomic data on statistical and quantitative genetics 1R13HG007506-01
Thrasher, James
University Of South Carolina At Columbia
Building evidence for effective and sustainable cigarette warning label policy 5R01CA167067-04

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** Includes all publications listed in PubMed authored by the Principal Investigator and supported by the specified grant. Please note that not all grants have publications listed in PubMed, and the listing of publications in PubMed may not be complete.

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