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Complete Cancer Control Research Listing:   Active Grants

This list contains grants carried over from prior fiscal years and new grants awarded in the current fiscal year.

Grants 901 to 948 of 948

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PI Name
Organization Name
Project Title
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Wolff, Mary S.
Icahn School Of Medicine At Mount Sinai
Environmental and Genetic Determinants of Puberty 5U01ES019454-05
Wolfson, Mark
Wake Forest University Health Sciences
Smokeless Tobacco Use in College Students 5R01CA141643-05
Wong, Eric T.
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
The Role of Post Traumatic Stress and Substance P in Melanoma Brain Metastasis 5R03CA172923-02
Wood, Charles
University Of Nebraska Lincoln
Kaposi's sarcoma and human herpesvirus in Africa 5R01CA075903-15
Wrensch, Margaret R.
University Of California, San Francisco
Genetic and molecular epidemiology of adult glioma 5R01CA052689-24
Wright, Jason
Columbia University Health Sciences
The Influence of Hospital Variability on the Management of Cancer-Associated Comp 5R01CA169121-03
Wu, Felicia
Michigan State University
The Effect of Aflatoxin Regulation on Global Liver Cancer Risks 7R01CA153073-05
Wu, Xifeng
University Of Tx Md Anderson Can Ctr
Genome-Wide Association Analysis of Bladder Cancer 5U01CA127615-05
Wu, Xifeng
University Of Tx Md Anderson Can Ctr
Epigenetic miRNA, SNP Signatures, and their Functions in Lung Cancer Outcomes 1R01CA176568-01A1
Wu, Xifeng
University Of Tx Md Anderson Can Ctr
Genetic Instability & Risk for Esophageal Carcinoma 5R01CA111922-05
Wu, Xifeng
University Of Tx Md Anderson Can Ctr
Molecular pathways linking obesity and RCC tumorigenesis (PQ1) 5R01CA170298-03
Wyatt, Michael D.
University Of South Carolina At Columbia
HPV Methylation as a Biomarker of Viral Persistence and Risk of Cervical Disease 5R21CA169998-02
Xie, Bin
Claremont Graduate University
Family Functioning, Parenting Characteristics and Obesity in Chinese Adolescents 5R03CA172985-02
Xie, Xiaoliang Sunney
Harvard University
Whole Genome Amplification and Sequencing of Single Cancer Cells 5R33CA174560-02
Xierali, Imam
Association Of American Medical Colleges
Reducing Physician Distribution Uncertainty in Spatial Accessibility Research 5R21CA182874-02
Yang, Hushan
Thomas Jefferson University
Tumor microRNA signatures as prognostic biomarkers of colorectal cancer 5R03CA162201-02
Ye, Fei
Vanderbilt University
Development and Evaluation of Prediction Models for Breast Cancer Prognosis 1R03CA178680-01A1
Ye, Yuanqing
University Of Tx Md Anderson Can Ctr
Next generation sequencing to identify novel colorectal cancer genes 1R01CA177935-01A1
You, Ming
Medical College Of Wisconsin
Genome-Wide Association Studies of Inherited Predisposition to Lung Cancer 5R01CA134682-06
Yu, Herbert
University Of Hawaii At Manoa
Epidemiologic Study of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in the US 5R01CA138698-05
Yuan, Jian-Min
University Of Pittsburgh At Pittsburgh
Biomarkers of NNK in prediction of lung cancer development in smokers 5R01CA129534-06
Yuan, Jian-Min
University Of Pittsburgh At Pittsburgh
Cancer epidemiology cohorts in Shanghai and Singapore 1UM1CA182876-01A1
Yuan, Jian-Min
University Of Pittsburgh At Pittsburgh
Prospective studies of cancer etiology and prevention in Shanghai and Singapore 5R01CA144034-05
Yue, Guang H.
Kessler Foundation, Inc.
Neurophysiological Evaluation of Training Effect on Cancer-Related Weakness 1R01CA189665-01A1
Zablotska, Lydia Bogdanivna
University Of California, San Francisco
Risk of hematologic cancers from repeated low-dose diagnostic radiation 1R03CA188614-01
Zauber, Ann Graham
Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research
Modeling Effective Health Policies for Colorectal Cancer 5U01CA152959-05
Zeleniuch-Jacquotte, Anne
New York University School Of Medicine
Vitamin D, Related Genes and Breast Cancer Risk 5R01CA098661-10
Zenk, Shannon N.
University Of Illinois At Chicago
Environmental Attributes and Weight Control: Study of Over 1.3 Million Veterans 5R01CA172726-02
Zhang, Jiajia
University Of South Carolina At Columbia
Innovative Spatial Survival Models with Geographically Varying Coefficients 7R03CA165110-02
Zhang, Jiajia
University Of South Carolina At Columbia
Innovative Spatio-temporal Survival Models Allowing Crossing Survival 5R03CA176739-02
Zhang, Xuehong
Brigham And Women'S Hospital
Calcium Intake and Colorectal Cancer Incidence and Survival 1R03CA176717-01A1
Zhao, Zhongming
Vanderbilt University
Investigating MicroRNAs and Their Regulatory Networks in Glioblastoma 5R03CA167695-02
Zheng, Bin
University Of Oklahoma Norman
Mammographic Density and Tissue Asymmetry Based Breast Cancer Risk Stratification 5R01CA160205-04
Zheng, Wei
Vanderbilt University
Genetic Factors for Breast Cancer- A genome Wide Study 5R01CA124558-05
Zheng, Wei
Vanderbilt University
Consortium Study to Identify Breast Cancer Susceptibility Loci 5R01CA148667-04
Zheng, Wei
Vanderbilt University
Shanghai Womens Health Study 1UM1CA182910-01
Zheng, Wei
Vanderbilt University
Cancer Risk Reduction and Diet: A Cohort Study of Women 5R37CA070867-16
Zheng, Wei
Vanderbilt University
Colorectal cancer risk loci: GWAS, fine-mapping, and functional analysis 1R01CA188214-01
Zheng, Wei
Vanderbilt University
Genome Sequencing to identify novel genetic factors for breast cancer risk 5R01CA158473-03
Zheng, Yun-Ling
Georgetown University
Telomere dysfunction, chromosome 9 instability and bladder cancer risk 5R01CA132996-05
Zhu, Kangmin
Henry M. Jackson Fdn For The Adv Mil/Med
Epidemiology Study of Colon Cancer Proteomic Prediction 5R01CA118707-06
Zhu, Liang
St. Jude Children'S Research Hospital
Statistical Analysis for Mixed Recurrent-Event and Panel-Count Data 5R03CA169150-02
Zhu, Shu-Hong
University Of California San Diego
Using NRT and Quitline Services to Help Hospitalized Smokers Stay Quit 5U01CA159533-04
Zhu, Shu-Hong
University Of California San Diego
Nonsmokers and Tobacco Control Norms: Population Surveys and Intervention Studies 5U01CA154280-04
Zhu, Yong
Yale University
Molecular epidemiology/functional analysis of microRNAs in Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma 5R01CA154653-04
Zick, Suzanna M.
University Of Michigan
Acupressure for Persistent Cancer Related Fatigue 5R01CA151445-05
Ziv, Elad
University Of California, San Francisco
Genetics of Mammographic Density in Ashkenazi Jews 5R21CA179442-02
Zoellner, Jamie
Virginia Polytechnic Inst And St Univ
SIPsmartER: A nutrition literacy approach to reducing sugar-sweetened beverages 5R01CA154364-04

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** Includes all publications listed in PubMed authored by the Principal Investigator and supported by the specified grant. Please note that not all grants have publications listed in PubMed, and the listing of publications in PubMed may not be complete.

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