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Implementation Science at a Glance

The field of Dissemination and Implementation (D&I) science has been steadily developing in research and academia. Here are aggregate resources, curated by the Implementation Science team, that pertain both to cancer and D&I as a wider field. Related websites and external publications, evaluations of funding opportunities, models and frameworks, and other resources can help frame your D&I agenda.

Evidence Integration Triangle

The Evidence Integration Triangle (EIT) guides translation, implementation, prevention efforts, comparative effectiveness research, funding, and policymaking. The EIT emphasizes interactions among three related components needed for effective evidence implementation: (1) practical evidence-based interventions; (2) pragmatic, longitudinal measures of progress; and (3) participatory implementation processes. At the center of the EIT is active engagement of key stakeholders and scientific evidence and attention to the context in which a program is implemented. The EIT model is a straightforward framework to guide practice, research and policy toward greater effectiveness. The framework is designed to be applicable across multiple levels – from individual-focused and patient-provider interventions to health systems and policy-level change initiatives.

Text Box: Intervention Program/Policy  (Prevention or Treatment)  (e.g., design; key components; principles; external validity)

Glasgow, R. E., Green, L. W., Taylor, M. V., & Stange, K. C. (2012). An evidence integration triangle for aligning science with policy and practice. exit disclaimer American journal of preventive medicine, 42(6), 646-654.

Key D&I Websites and Publications

The following websites and publications may be of additional use to individuals interested in applying for D&I funding:



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Evaluations of D&I Funding Opportunities

Dissemination and Implementation Models & Frameworks

Dissemination and implementation (D&I) research grantees are encouraged to incorporate D&I models & frameworks in their study designs.  The following resources may be used as a starting point for identifying potential D&I models & frameworks but is not meant to be a comprehensive resource or interpreted as models sponsored, supported or preferred by NIH or NCI.