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Cancer Survivorship: Pathways to Health After Treatment - June 16-18, 2004

Cancer Survivorship: Pathways to Health After Treatment:
Conference Highlights & Presentations

Overall Conference Highlights

Post Treatment Health: The Landscape
Presentation 1: Understanding the Late Effects of Cancer Treatment: A Medical Oncologist’s Perspective Highlights | Presentation (PDF)
Presentation 2: Medical Consequences of Cure: Late Effects of Cancer and Its Treatment Highlights | Presentation (PDF)
Presentation 3: Cardiovascular Effects of Radiation Therapy Highlights | Abstract
Presentation 4: Does Chemotherapy Influence Cognitive Functioning? Highlights | Presentation (PDF)
Post Treatment Health: The Current State of Interventions
Presentation 1: Addressing the Problems of Cancer Survivors: Where Are We? Highlights | Presentation (PDF)
Presentation 2: Promoting Behavior Change After Cancer: Physical Activity Highlights | Presentation (PDF)
Presentation 3: Cancer Survivorship – Hungry and In Need of Dietary Change. How Can We Set the Table To Promote Changes That Really Count? Highlights | Presentation (PDF)
Presentation 4: Prevention Among Cancer Survivors – The Example of Smoking Cessation Highlights | Presentation (PDF)
National Priorities in Cancer Survivorship
Presentation 1: President’s Cancer Panel 2003 Annual Report : Living Beyond Cancer: Finding a New Balance Highlights | Presentation (PDF)
Presentation 2: Summary of the Institute of Medicine Reports on Cancer Survivorship Highlights | Presentation (PDF)
Presentation 3: State of Cancer Control Plans and Cancer Survivorship Highlights | Presentation (PDF)
Projecting the Burden of Cancer Survivorship: Individual and Societal
Presentation 1: Economic Viability of the Cancer Survivor: Implications for Employment Highlights | Presentation (PDF)
Presentation 2: Describing the Economic Trajectory of Cancer Survivorship Highlights | Presentation (PDF)
Presentation 3: Critical Issues at the Aging/Cancer Interface Highlights | Abstract
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