DCCPS Response and Contribution to the Cancer Moonshot

This Overview and Highlights features examples of the DCCPS response to the Blue Ribbon Panel’s recommendations, including the following opportunities and initiatives made possible through Cancer Moonshot funding authorized under the 21st Century Cures Act. In addition to these priorities, the division continues to invest in research across the cancer control continuum. Most of the grants DCCPS funds are investigator initiated, not in response to a specific funding opportunity announcement. Potential grant applicants are encouraged to contact one of our program directors, whose contact information can be found on our website.

For each Cancer Moonshot priority, we include examples of DCCPS-led funding announcements and activities that illustrate some ways in which the division is addressing each area.

As part of a much larger undertaking, DCCPS is just one contributor of many working to realize the goals of the Cancer Moonshot. Under the leadership of Drs. Doug Lowy and Dinah Singer, NCI rapidly established a systematic process for implementing the Moonshot Blue Ribbon Panel (BRP) Report’s recommendations. NCI staff led the effort to operationalize those recommendations, forming working groups and using a variety of mechanisms to develop funding opportunities aligned with each recommendation.

To promote and enhance data-sharing, all reports resulting from Cancer Moonshot activities are required to adhere to an open-access policy of immediate data release upon publication. NCI has also developed new partnerships with other government agencies, the private sector, and the international research community to further the goals of the Cancer Moonshot in general and the BRP recommendations in particular.