CECCR Archive

Advancing the Science, Extending the Reach, and Improving the Effectiveness of Cancer Communication

The Centers of Excellence in Cancer Communication Research (CECCR) initiative is the centerpiece of NCI’s Extraordinary Opportunity in Cancer Communication. This $40 million initiative funds Centers that include three or more individual, hypothesis-driven research projects and a pilot or developmental research project process, cores, and plan for career development, over five years.

The novelty and scope of this initiative reflects the enormous potential of cancer communication to improve health, and NCI’s recognition that effective communication can and should be used to narrow the gap between discovery and application and to reduce health disparities among our citizens. It is expected that the Centers’ interdisciplinary efforts will result in new theories, methods, and interventions, including those for diverse populations. The Centers provide essential infrastructure to facilitate rapid advances in knowledge about cancer communication translate theory and programs into practice, and train health communication scientists.

The current CECCR initiative places a special emphasis on patient-centered communications needed to improve health and quality of life outcomes across the "Cancer Care Continuum."

CECCR II Grantees

University of Michigan
Center for Health Communications Research
Dr. Victor J. Strecher, Principal Investigator

University of Pennsylvania
Effects of Public Information in Cancer Center
Dr. Robert C. Hornik, Principal Investigator

Washington University in St. Louis
Health Communication Research Laboratory
Dr. Matthew W. Kreuter, Principal Investigator

University of Wisconsin, Madison
Technology Enhancing Cancer Communication
Dr. David H. Gustafson, Principal Investigator

HMO Cancer Research Network
Cancer Communication Research Center
Dr. James Dearing, Principal Investigator