NCI Centers of Excellence in Cancer Communication Research

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NCI Center Principal Investigator
Dr. Victor J. Strecher
Dr. Robert C. Hornik
Dr. Matthew W. Kreuter
Dr. David H. Gustafson

Description of CECCR Initiative

The Centers of Excellence in Cancer Communication Research initiative is the centerpiece of NCI’s Extraordinary Opportunity in Cancer Communications. The Request for Applications (RFA) used the P50 grant mechanism to invite applications for Centers that include three or more individual, hypothesis-driven research projects and a pilot or developmental research project process, cores, and plan for career development.

The novelty and scope of this initiative reflects the enormous potential of cancer communication to improve health, and NCI's recognition that effective communications can and should be used to narrow the gap between discovery and application and to reduce health disparities among our citizens. It is expected that the Centers' interdisciplinary efforts will result in new theories, methods, and interventions, including those for diverse populations. The Centers will provide essential infrastructure to facilitate rapid advances in knowledge about cancer communications, translate theory and programs into practice, and train health communication scientists. In essence, the Centers will catalyze major advances in cancer communication.

After receiving approval in June 2003 from the National Cancer Advisory Board, NCI announced the four awarded Centers and grantees at a congratulatory reception on the NIH campus. Each Center will receive $10 million over 5 years – a $40 million initiative.