Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact program staff with any unanswered questions. This page will be updated as new questions arise.

  • Clarification:
    In the Funds Available section, it states: "Future year increments are limited to 3 percent." The intent of this language is that the total direct cost of each individual P50 not exceed a 3 percent escalation in future years. (12/29/03)

  • Clarification:
    Developmental/Pilot Research program should be no more than 9 pages, and should be included after the research project section. The 9-page limit includes:
    1. Up to 5 pages for descriptions (including up to 2 pages dedicated to the institutional review process)
    2. Up to 2 pages for EACH of two pilot projects (for a total of up to 4 pages) [11/21/03).

Application Page limit (text only)
Each research project Up to 25 pages
Each core project Up to 10 pages
Developmental/Pilot Research program Up to 9 pages (see "clarification" section)
Career Development program Up to 10 pages
Collaborations Up to 5 pages
Introduction and Overview Up to 5 pages

The "potential for impacting the disease" phrase on page 15 of the RFA in the last paragraph under OVERALL EVALUATION AND SCORING OF APPLICATION should be clarified to reflect that primary emphasis for evaluating and scoring the application will be placed on scientific merit. Significant consideration will also be given to transdisciplinary interactions, potential for impacting "behavior", and other inter-Center collaborations and institutional commitments. [11/17/03).

RFA Revised Text. 6. Transdisciplinary Collaboration. Is there evidence of significant transdisciplinary basic, clinical and/or public health interactions in the conception, design, and proposed implementation of the project? Is the proposed research informed by the breadth of relevant scientific literature from multiple disciplines in the social, behavioral, and biological sciences? [The only change is that the "and" changes to "and/or." ] (11/7/03)

Other support information is "just in time" and need NOT be submitted with the application. The supplemental instructions are correct. The table of contents pages (attachments 1 & 2) are incorrect. The table of contents should not have a line for "other support". (11/7/03)

Change to the NIH Guide Notice, published October 27, 2003 (Pre-Application Meeting for Transdisciplinary Tobacco Use Research Centers). The written transcript of the meeting will be posted at Transdisciplinary Tobacco Use Research Centers not Centers of Excellence in Cancer Communication Research Initiative as originally published. (11/7/03)