Distress Screening


Distress is often used as a quality of life measure in cancer patients and survivors. In addition to guidelines issued by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN), the Commission on Cancer (CoC) has recently required all CoC accredited cancer centers to implement distress screening by 2015. However, researchers and clinical providers often use different tools in the screening process. The variety of measures and constructs used in detecting distress in clinical and research settings complicate our ability to summarize the research and compare across studies.

Specific Aims

Specific aims of this initiative are to gather information about constructs and measurements in cancer-related distress in research and practice settings. This effort utilizes the Grid-Enabled Measures platform to provide a way to collect information and ratings of instruments used in distress screening. In turn, this initiative will assist researchers and clinicians in making decisions about the ‘best’ measures of distress and to promote data harmonization. GEM-DM (Distress Measurement) will provide:

  • A repository of user entered distress screening tools with links to instruments and relevant articles
  • A collection of user-ratings and comments on various measures


Paige Green, Ph.D., M.P.H.