CASPHR Members

Photo of CASPHR Members

(Back row): Jen Taber, Ellen Peters, Bill Klein, Paschal Sheeran, Jamie Arndt, and Jerry Suls.

(Front row): Linda Cameron, Irene Blair, Angela Bryan, Rebecca Ferrer, and Alex Rothman

Name Affiliation Telephone Email
Jamie Arndt University of Missouri 573-884-4678
Irene Blair University of Colorado 303-492-4563
Angela Bryan University of Colorado 303-492-4563
Linda Cameron University of California-Merced and The University of Auckland 209-228-2252
Ellen Peters Ohio State University 614-688-3477
Alexander Rothman
University of Minnesota 612-625-2573
Paschal Sheeran University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 919-962-4872


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