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National Cancer Institute

Webinar to Address Six New Funding Opportunities in Behavioral Research from NCI

The Society of Behavioral Medicine (SBM), in collaboration with the National Cancer Institute (NCI), will host a webinar on Friday, August 12 from 1:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. ET.

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This webinar will provide information about new priorities in behavioral research from NCI in areas such as cognition, integrated data analysis, and cancer communication in new media.

Associate Director of the NCI Behavioral Research Program, Dr.  William Klein, will provide an overview of these exciting new priorities:

  • Leveraging Cognitive Neuroscience Research to Improve Assessment of Cancer Treatment Related Cognitive Impairment (PAR-16-212 [R01] and PAR-16-213 [R21])
  • Predicting Behavioral Responses to Population-Level Cancer Control Strategies (PAR-16-257 [R21])
  • Improving Smoking Cessation in Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Populations via Scalable Interventions (PAR-16-201 [R21] and PAR-16-202 [R01])
  • Innovative Approaches to Studying Cancer Communication in the New Media Environment (PAR-16-248 [R21] and PAR-16-249 [R01])
  • Cancer-related Behavioral Research through Integrating Existing Data (PAR-16-255 [R21] and PAR-16-256 [R01])
  • Stimulating Innovations in Behavioral Intervention Research for Cancer Prevention and Control (PAR-16-278 [R21])

Intended Audience: Extramural investigators at junior, mid-, and senior levels.
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William Klein, Ph.D.

Felicity W. K. Harper, Ph.D.

Lara N. Traeger, Ph.D.

William Klein, Ph.D.

Felicity W. K. Harper, Ph.D.

Lara N. Traeger, Ph.D.

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