Meg Gerrard

Meg Gerrard is a professor at Iowa State University who has published widely on health cognitions associated with adolescent risk behaviors such as unprotected sex, tanning, smoking, drinking and substance use. Her research has been designed to increase our understanding of the way people make decisions associated with health risk and health maintenance behaviors. Dr. Gerrard currently has grant support for three major projects: an NCI grant examining risk perceptions and behavior related to skin cancer; a NIMH grant examining risk behaviors of black adolescents in Iowa and Georgia, and a NIDA grant for the study of health cognitions related to drug use in young adults. Her most recent research has focused on the development of interventions based on this research; see Gerrard et al. (2006). A theory-based dual focus alcohol intervention for pre-adolescents: The Strong African American Families Program. Psychology of Addictive Behavior. 20, 185-195.

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