Ralf Schwarzer

Ralf Schwarzer is a professor of psychology at the Freie Universitat of Berlin, Germany, who works on the role of perceived self-efficacy in the adoption and maintenance of health behaviors (see Schwarzer et al., in press, Annals of Behavioral Medicine). He is in particular involved in theory building, conducting studies to examine the causal mechanisms that link health cognitions to health behaviors. His social-cognition model, Health Action Process Approach, has been widely applied in various intervention settings, and his psychometric scales to assess self-efficacy and other health cognitions have been adapted to many cultures.

Schwarzer, R. (Ed.). (1992). Self-efficacy: Thought control of action. Washington, DC: Hemisphere.

Schwarzer, R., Luszczynska, A., Schüz, B., Ziegelmann, J. P., Lippke, S., & Scholz, U. (in press). Adoption and maintenance of four health behaviors: Theory-guided longitudinal studies on dental flossing, seat belt use, dietary behavior, and physical activity. Annals of Behavioral Medicine.

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