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Smoking and Tobacco Control Monographs

Monograph 18 cover

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Monograph 18: Greater Than the Sum: Systems Thinking in Tobacco Control

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Entire Monograph (PDF 4,477 KB)
Navigate within the PDF by clicking on the bookmarks on the left to jump to the appropriate chapter. Or, click on the search button in the top toolbar (binoculars icon) and enter a keyword or phrase in the text box. Click on the links in the results window to jump to the appropriate page.

Table of Contents:

  • Other NCI Tobacco Control Monographs (PDF 52 KB)
  • Illustrations (PDF 89 KB)
  • Foreword (PDF 66 KB)
  • Message from the Series Editor (PDF 54 KB)
  • Preface (PDF 86 KB)
  • Acknowledgments (PDF 150 KB)
  • Acronyms List (PDF 46 KB)
  • Contents (PDF 138 KB)

  • Chapter 1
    (PDF 183 KB)
    • Introduction
    • Monograph Framework
    • Summary
    • Major Conclusions
    • Chapter Conclusions
    • References

  • Chapter 2
    Tobacco Control at a Crossroads
    (PDF 459 KB)
    • Introduction
    • Need for a New Approach
    • Population-Level Tobacco Control Efforts: Beginnings of an Integrated System
    • Current Tobacco Control Research and Practice: Systems Problems
    • Summary
    • Conclusions
    • References

  • Chapter 3
    Systems Thinking: Potential to Transform Tobacco Control
    (PDF 411 KB)
    • Introduction
    • Systems and Systems Thinking
    • Systems Thinking: Toward an Integrated View
    • Application of Systems Thinking in Tobacco Control
    • Summary
    • Conclusions
    • References

  • Chapter 4
    How to Organize: Systems Organizing
    (PDF 1,242 KB)
    • Introduction
    • Traditional Management Theory
    • Systems Organizing Model
    • Collaboratively Constructed Concept Maps for Systems Organizing: Case Studies
    • Summary
    • Conclusions
    • Appendix 4A. Description of Concept-Mapping Methodology
    • References

  • Chapter 5
    How to Anticipate Change in Tobacco Control Systems
    (PDF 1,648 KB)
    • Introduction
    • System Dynamics
    • System Dynamics Application of Tobacco Control
    • Simulation Results
    • Summary
    • Conclusions
    • Appendix 5A. Detailed Development of a System Dynamics Model
    • References

  • Chapter 6
    Understanding and Managing Stakeholder Networks
    (PDF 801 KB)
    • Introduction
    • Overview of Network Theory
    • Effective Organizational Networks
    • Value of Organizational Networks
    • Application of Network Analysis
    • Use of Network Methods for Tobacco Control
    • Case Study of Network Analysis in Tobacco Control Evaluation
    • Summary
    • Conclusions
    • References

  • Chapter 7
    What We Know: Managing the Knowledge Content
    (PDF 1,027 KB)
    • Introduction
    • Knowledge Management and Translation
    • Knowledge Management Concepts
    • Framework for Strategy of Knowledge Management and Translation
    • Case Study: Knowledge Management in Tobacco Control
    • Case Study: Concept Mapping of Knowledge Base for Tobacco Control
    • Summary
    • Conclusions
    • Appendix 7A. 4P-Knowledge Management and Translation Infrastructures: Strategy and Outcome Maps
    • Appendix 7B. Discussion Questions Used in National Cancer Institute Review of Knowledge Management and Translation
    • References

  • Chapter 8
    ISIS: Synthesis and Conclusions
    (PDF 408 KB)
    • Introduction
    • Synthesis: Looking Back and Looking Over the Horizon
    • General Conclusions
    • Specific Conclusions
    • Summary
    • Conclusions
    • References

  • Appendix A
    Initiative on the Study and Implementation of Systems: A Project History
    (PDF 157 KB)
    • References

  • Appendix B
    Systems Thinking in Tobacco Control: A Framework for Implementation
    (PDF 287 KB)
    • Integrated Systems Thinking: Story Line for the Future
    • Putting Systems Thinking into Practice
    • Implementing Systems Thinking in Tobacco Control: Open Questions and Next Steps
    • References

  • Index (PDF 114 KB)

Ordering Information
This monograph can be ordered by calling the National Cancer Institute's Cancer Information Service at 1-800-4-CANCER (1-800-422-6237) or visiting NCI's Publications Locator Website .