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National Cancer Institute

Monograph 2: Smokeless Tobacco or Health: An International Perspective

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Table of Contents:

  • Keynote Address (PDF 64 KB)
  • Foreword (PDF 128 KB)
  • Contents (PDF 64 KB)
  • Acknowledgments (PDF 64 KB)
  • Overview and Summary (PDF 288 KB)

  • Chapter 1
    (PDF 192 KB)
    • The Smokeless Tobacco Problem: Risk Groups in North America
    • Surveillance of and Knowledge About Cancer Associated With Smokeless Tobacco Use
    • Smokeless Tobacco Use in India
    • Smokeless Tobacco in Professional Baseball: Patterns of Players’ Use

  • Chapter 2
    Clinical and Pathological Effects
    (PDF 448 KB)
    • Oral Mucosal Lesions: Clinical Findings in Relation to Smokeless Tobacco Use Among U.S. Baseball Players
    • Smokeless Tobacco Use in India: Effects on Oral Mucosa
    • Smokeless Tobacco-Associated Epithelial And Langerhans Cell Changes
    • The Use of Smokeless Tobacco in Sweden
    • Periodontal Effects Associated With the Use of Smokeless Tobacco: Results After 1 Year

  • Chapter 3
    (PDF 1,500 KB)
    • Oral Carcinoma and Smokeless Tobacco Use: A Clinical Profile
    • Chemical Composition of Smokeless Tobacco Products
    • Carcinogenesis of Smokeless Tobacco
    • Oncogenes in Head and Neck Cancer

  • Chapter 4
    Nicotine Effects and Addiction
    (PDF 192 KB)
    • Pharmacology of Smokeless Tobacco Use: Nicotine Addiction and Nicotine-Related Health Consequences
    • Recent Advances in Understanding the Actions of Nicotine in the Central Nervous System
    • Dependence on Smokeless Tobacco

  • Chapter 5
    (PDF 160 KB)
    • Marketing Smokeless Tobacco: Implications for Preventive Education
    • Applying the Social Inoculation Model to a Smokeless Tobacco Use
    • Prevention Program With Little Leaguers

  • Chapter 6
    (160 KB)
    • Enough Snuff: ST Cessation From the Behavioral, Clinical, and Public Health Perspectives
    • Smokeless Tobacco Cessation and Nicotine Reduction Therapy
    • Role of Dentists in Cessation Counseling: Survey Findings
    • An Intervention Study of Tobacco Habits Among Rural Indian Villagers

  • Chapter 7
    (128 KB)
    • WHO Strategies To Curb Smokeless Tobacco: A Global Perspective Legal and Administrative Strategies for Control and Prevention of the Use of Smokeless Tobacco
    • National Cancer Institute's Role in Reducing Tobacco Use

  • Chapter 8
    (PDF 96 KB)
    • Recommendations for the Control of Smokeless Tobacco