Tobacco Research Initiative for State and Community Interventions (TRISCI)

TCRB Grant Portfolio:

Tobacco Research Initiative for State and Community Interventions (TRISCI) Grantees
This list contains grants which were funded under the RFA. The TRISCI portfolio includes grants that stimulate research on new or existing tobacco control interventions relevant to State and community tobacco control programs; innovative tobacco prevention and control interventions at the community, State or multi-state level, particularly policy or media-based interventions; and emphasizes collaboration between tobacco control researchers, state-based comprehensive tobacco control programs and community-based coalitions. Visit the State and Community Research and Evaluation page for more information.

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Project Title
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Begay, Michael
University of Massachusetts
Studying Tobacco Control Policy in Massachusetts R01CA086314-04
Biener, Lois
University of Massachusetts Boston
Research in State and Community Tobacco Control Interventions 5R01CA086257-06
Biglan, Anthony
Oregon Research Institute
Tobacco Control Activities and Adolescent Tobacco Use 2R0186169-06
Buller, David B.
Klein Buendel, Inc.
Web Based Support—Community Tobacco Control Coalitions 7R01CA086199-05
Clark, Pamela I.
Battelle-Centers/Public Health Res-Evalutation
Business Practices and Minors' Access to Tobacco 5R01CA086232-04
Clark, Pamela I.
Battelle-Centers/Public Health Res-Evalutation
Community Surveillance and Novel Tobacco Products 5R01CA093955-03
Cummings, K. Michael
Roswell Park Cancer Institute Corp
Follow up of the Commit Cohort Participants 13 Years Lat 5R01CA086225-03
Dalton, Madeline A.
Dartmouth College
Preventing Teen Smoking by Restricting Movie Exposure 5R01CA094273-04
Fahs, Marianne C.
Hunter College
Effect of Smoking Cessation Interventions in a Chinese 5R01CA093788-05
Forster, Jean L.
University of Minnesota School of Public Health
Effects of Minnesota State and Local Programs on Youth Tobacco Use R01CA086191-05
Hollis, Jack F.
Kaiser Foundation Research Institute
Efficacy and Cost of State Quitline Policies 5R01CA086242-04
McAlister, Alfred L.
University of Texas Health Science Center Houston
Texas Multi Cultural Regional Community Tobacco Studies 5R01CA086295-04
Muramoto, Myra L.
University of Arizona
Community Based Training Models for Tobacco Cessations 5R01CA093957-04
Ockene, Judith K.
University of Massachusetts Medical School Worchester
Policy to Support Tobacco Treatment in Health Care 5R01CA086282-04
Pierce, John P.
University of California, San Diego
Parenting to Prevent Problem Behaviors 5R01CA093982-04
Prokhorov, Alexander V.
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Healthcare Team Approach to Tobacco Cessation 5R01CA093969-04
Thompson, Beti
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Randomized Study to Decrease Smoking in College Students 5R01CA093967-04
Wakefield, Melanie A.
University of Illinois at Chicago
Youth Smoking and the Media 5R01CA086273-04
Woodby, Lesa L.
University of Alabama at Birmingham
The Alabama Tobacco Free Families Program 5R01CA086311-04

** Includes all publications supported by the specified grant. Please note that not all grants have publications listed in PubMed, and the listing of publications in PubMed may not be complete.