Tobacco Use Supplement - Current Population Survey

Differences across the English and Translated Versions of the TUS-CPS

The English language questionnaire that accompanies the translations is slightly different from the English version fielded by the Census Bureau in 2003. These differences allow the translations to function independently from the original 2003 TUS-CPS. They also reflect additions to the questionnaires that appeared helpful based on the results of testing the translations.

  1. The English-language version contained here — the English TUS-CPS-TRANS (PDF) — differs from the original 2003 English TUS-CPS in three ways:
    • It contains a definition of snuff in Item J1a.
    • Item KSCR, asking about respondent's work status, was added at the beginning of Section K in the PAPI only.
    • Two items (K4 and K5 in the English TUS-CPS-TRANS), which ask about the amount of smoking in the respondent's home, are used instead of three items (K4, K5a and K5b in the original 2003 TUS-CPS)
  2. The translated instruments also differ in other respects from the English TUS-CPS-TRANS. Testing in the various languages revealed that some items are easier for respondents to understand when asked slightly differently in each language. The first page of the English TUS-CPS-TRANS identifies the differences between it and each of the translations. Within the English TUS-CPS-TRANS, those changes are also highlighted in yellow at the appropriate items (B5cA/H9A; B11(1)/C11(A); G3).
  3. The Spanish-language questionnaire (TUS-CPS Spanish-TRANS) also differs slightly from the Spanish version fielded by the Census Bureau in 2003. In addition to the changes listed above, the TUS-CPS Spanish-TRANS also contains minor refinements in items B5cA/H9A and K7.

You can find detailed information about the differences among the five questionnaires in Section 9.4 of the Pilot Study Evaluating the Cross-Cultural Equivalency of the Tobacco Use Supplement to the Current Population Survey.