Tobacco Use Supplement - Current Population Survey

TUS-CPS Translations: Information for Researchers

Researchers can use the TUS-CPS translations with populations of interest to obtain information on current use of cigarettes, history of use, and cessation attempts. The translated questionnaires also include a shorter section on other tobacco use (cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco, and snuff).

The questionnaires are designed for telephone administration but can be adapted to other modes, such as in-person interviewing.

For convenience, the files are provided in PDF Exit Disclaimer format, which can be used as-is, or edited as desired. Please be aware that modifications to the questions or their ordering can have unpredictable and untested influences on responses.

Each translated questionnaire is available as a computer-assisted interview (CAI) instrument and as a paper-and-pencil interview (PAPI) instrument:

CAI Instrument

  • The instrument contains detailed specifications for programming the questions, skip patterns, and interviewer instructions.
  • The CAI is impractical to use if the TUS-CPS interview is administered using paper-and-pencil rather than a computer program.

PAPI Instrument

  • All programming language has been deleted or simplified so that the skip patterns and interviewer instructions can be read easily and quickly by the person administering the instrument.
  • Some range check items that appear in the CAI have been removed from the PAPI.
  • Page numbers have been added to all skip instructions. Researchers who choose to add or delete pages from the PAPI for their individual studies may have to renumber (or delete) the page numbers that accompany the PAPI skip instructions.