Dispatches from Implementation Science at NCI

Sun Safety in the Physical Activity Context: Opportunities and Challenges

Frank Perna| November 2018

Frank Perna

I organized the NCI Exercise Science and Skin Cancer Prevention Research meeting to advance implementation science regarding skin cancer prevention among physically active people.

Collaboration Between NCI’s RTIPs Website And Pew-MacArthur Results First Initiative Clearinghouse Database

Annabelle Uy| October 2018

Annabelle Uy

On September 2016, a new collaboration was established between NCI’s RTIPS website and the Pew-MacArthur Results First Initiative Clearinghouse Database.

Design Thinking and Community-Based Participatory Research for Implementation Science

April Oh| September 2018

April Oh

We need innovation to address our chronic disease burden, and design thinking has emerged as a promising tool.

Comprehensive Cancer Control National Partnership

Prajakta Adsul| August 2018

Prajakta Adsul

The Comprehensive Cancer Control National Partnership (CCCNP) was formed in 1998 as a collaborative group of national organizations working in the field of cancer control to build and strengthen CCC efforts across the nation.

Where Have We Been and Where Should We Go?

Gila Neta| July 2018

Gila Neta

In an effort to analyze the NCI-funded research portfolio, we completed an analysis of dissemination and implementation research funded through the DIRH Program Announcements.

Trials in Implementation Science

Wynne E. Norton| June 2018

Wynne E. Norton

Clinical trials—and randomized clinical trials in particular—have long been argued as having characteristics that seem at odds with the goals of implementation science.