CCIS Application Procedure

The 2021 application period is closed. For questions concerning the application process, please contact the Consortium Team at

Naming Convention

Please be sure to name all your files with your last name followed by an underscore and the type of document (see below). All documents must be either Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF files.

Project Proposal

The project proposal should describe the CCIS action group it supports and the specific priority project it relates to. Describe 1) the specific aims and general approach for the project; 2) the timeline and product that will be delivered (timeline should be appropriate for the scope of work proposed); 3) a dissemination plan for the product; and 4) a mentoring plan if you are new to the field of IS.

Required format: not to exceed 2 pages (8.5x11 or A4), 1-inch margins, and size 11 font. Papers longer than 2 pages will not be reviewed to ensure equity in the selection process. References are not required and will not count toward the page limit. *Save file as “YourLastName_ProjectProposal”

Personal Statement

Implementation science is an inherently transdisciplinary field, requiring the involvement and contribution of multiple perspectives, disciplines, and stakeholders, including policy and practice stakeholders. Please briefly describe your professional experience generally, your history working within CCIS and your experience in (or plans for) productive, effective transdisciplinary work in the field and/or with a specific action group and how this fit with the project you are proposing. (400 words maximum) *Save file as “YourLastName_Statement”

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Current CV; NIH Biosketches CANNOT be submitted in lieu of a CV. *Save file as “YourLastName_CV”


Include the expected number of hours that will be needed to complete the project, hourly rate based on level of experience for the project. Total budget for an individual project or collaborative project may not to exceed a total cost of $20,000. Budget must be appropriate for the scope of work proposed. *Save file as “YourLastName_Budget”

The CCIS Evaluation criteria are 100 points total

  • Description of how the project supports the work of a specific action group and the priority action items identified by the action group. (50 points)
  • Description of proposed project has sufficient details for how the work will be done, milestones/timeline for completion of the work and what the final deliverable will be. (25 points)
  • Qualifications for individual requesting funding must align with the specific work that will be done. Individual must not have current IS funding by NIH. New investigators and practitioners interested in working in the field of implementation science in cancer are encouraged to apply and must have an appropriate mentoring plan. (25 points)
  • Preference will be given to individuals from organizations that do not have active NIH funding for implementation science. (10 bonus points)
  • Preference will be given to early career investigators (including post-doctoral fellows). (5 bonus points)
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