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Multilevel Interventions in Health Care: Building the Foundation for Future Research

For more information about research initiatives or funding, please contact: NCIDCCPSMLI@mail.nih.gov

NCI Planning Committee

Co-Chairs: Stephen Taplin, MD, MPH and Steven Clauser, PhD
Program Leads: Mary Fennell, PhD and Jane Zapka, ScD
Rebecca Anhang Price, PhD, MS
Erica Breslau, PhD
Veronica Chollette, MS, RN
Heather Edwards, PhD, MPH
Pebbles Fagan, PhD, MPH
Mary Foster, PhD, MBA
Irene Prabhu Das, PhD, MPH

External Consultants Committee

Chair: Arnold Kaluzny, PhD
Martin Charns, DBA
Mary Fennell, PhD
Maria Fernandez, PhD
Ernest Hawk, MD, MPH
Tom Vogt, MD, MPH

NCI Leadership Staff

Veronica Chollette, RN, MS,
Steven Clauser, PhD
Heather Edwards, PhD, MPH
Stephen Taplin, MD, MPH