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National Cancer Institute

Breakout Session: Emotional and Physical Long-Term and Late Effects

Various physical, emotional, and psychosocial challenges face cancer survivors. These can vary based on the survivor's age, sex, cancer type, cancer severity, and also the innate psychological characteristics of a person. Dr. Karen Syrjala presented information on the prevalence and characteristics of late and long-term physical effects faced by survivors. Dr. Michael Andrykowski described the emotional consequences of cancer survivorship. Mr. Craig Lustig described the ways in which his own cancer diagnosis changed his life.

Presentation Materials
Psychological Late Effects of Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment
Michael Andrykowski, Ph.D.
Highlights | Abstract (PDF)
Physical Long-Term and Late Effects
Karen Syrjala, Ph.D.
Highlights | Presentation (PDF)
Craig Lustig, M.P.A.

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