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National Cancer Institute

Breakout Session: Lifestyle Behavior Change

Exercise has beneficial effects on chronic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Whether it has similar effects on cancer is the subject of much inquiry. Exercise may help prevent weight gain during cancer treatment, improve mood and fatigue, and modulate levels of growth factors and hormones to improve prognosis. Dr. Bernardine Pinto discussed an intervention to increase physical activity in women with breast cancer and measure benefits attributable to this. Dr. Melinda Irwin described an exercise intervention in which changes in weight and levels of growth factors relevant to breast cancer would be measured in breast cancer survivors who exercised and compared to those who did not. Dr. Chanita Hughes Halbert presented research assessing weight gain and body image in African American breast cancer survivors and strategies they used to cope with weight changes. Dr. Anna Schwartz related her own cancer experience and the role physical activity played in helping her cope with treatment, recurrence, and recovery.

Presentation Materials
Recovery From Cancer: Does Exercise Help?
Bernardine Pinto, Ph.D.
Highlights | Abstract (PDF)
Exercise Interventions in Breast Cancer Survivors
Melinda Irwin, M.P.H., Ph.D.
Highlights | Presentation (PDF)
Weight Gain in African American Breast Cancer Survivors
Chanita Hughes Halbert, Ph.D.
Highlights | Presentation (PDF)
Anna Schwartz, F.N.P., Ph.D., FAAN
Highlights | Abstract (PDF)

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