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National Cancer Institute

Plenary Session: Family Caregiving as the Cornerstone of Survivorship: A Lifespan Approach

Caregiving is an important public health issue related to cancer survivorship. Most cancer patients will receive care from a family member, who thus also is at risk for many of the same concerns and problems faced by the survivors themselves. Guidelines are needed for providing support to cancer patients' family members and caregivers. In this session, Dr. Barbara Given provided an overview of current research on cancer caregiving and family issues and described further research needed in this area. Ms. Gail Gibson Hunt described the experience of child caregivers and how they are affected by their caregiving duties. Dr. Victoria Raveis described the impact of caregiving by adult daughters of cancer patients on their own lives and how it affects their relationships with their parents. Dr. Sharon Manne reported on the ways cancer can affect a marriage, how to observe patterns of interactions between patients and their partners, and how to help couples use the cancer experience to build a stronger relationship. Dr. Richard Schulz provided an overview of the session and raised further questions to be explored concerning cancer caregiving.

Presentation Materials
Family Survivorship for Patients with Cancer: Existing Knowledge and Future Directions
Barbara Given, Ph.D., R.N., FAAN
Highlights | Presentation (PDF)
Child Caregiving in the U.S.
Gail Gibson Hunt
Highlights | Presentation (PDF)
Cancer Survivorship and Adult Daughter Caregivers
Victoria Raveis, Ph.D.
Highlights | Presentation (PDF)
Marriage After Cancer: Teachable Moment or Missed Opportunity?
Sharon Manne, Ph.D.
Highlights | Abstract (PDF)
Richard Schulz, Ph.D.
Highlights | Presentation (PDF)

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