NCI/DCCPS R21 Program Announcements

The funding opportunity announcements (FOAs) on this site provide the option for R21 applications. R21 grants support the promotion of early and developmental stages of research efforts on novel scientific ideas that have the potential to substantially advance cancer research in all areas relevant to the mission of NCI. Applications submitted under this mechanism should break new ground or extend previous discoveries toward new directions or applications.

  • The combined budget for direct costs for the 2-year project period may not exceed $275,000
  • No more than $200,000 may be requested in any single year.
  • Applicants may request direct costs in $25,000 modules, up to the total direct costs limitation of $275,000 for the combined 2-year award period (unless otherwise specified in the FOA).

Behavioral Research

(Active R21 Grants in Behavioral Research)

Title Announcement End date Contact
Mechanism for Time-Sensitive Drug Abuse Research (R21 Clinical Trial Optional) PAR-19-064 November 9, 2021 Kelly Blake
Accelerating the Pace of Child Health Research Using Existing Data from the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) Study (R21 Clinical Trial Not Allowed) PAR-19-163 September 8, 2021 Annette Kaufman
End-of-Life and Palliative Care Health Literacy: Improving Outcomes in Serious, Advanced Illness (R21 Clinical Trial Optional) PA-18-499 May 8, 2021 Sylvia Chou
Exploratory/Developmental Clinical Research Grants in Obesity (R21 Clinical Trial Optional) PA-18-720 May 8, 2021 Tanya Agurs-Collins
Testing Interventions for Health-Enhancing Physical Activity (R21/R33 Clinical Trial Optional) PAR-18-307 January 9, 2021 Frank Perna
Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS): Population, Clinical and Applied Prevention Research (R21 Clinical Trial Not Allowed) PAR-18-848 June 28, 2020 For cancer-related FOA questions:
Rachel Grana Mayne

For general FOA questions:
Dionne Godette-Greer
Office of Disease Prevention (ODP)
U.S. Tobacco Control Policies to Reduce Health Disparities (R21 Clinical Trial Optional) PAR-18-674 June 16, 2020 Bob Vollinger

Annette Kaufman
Nutrition and Alcohol-Related Health Outcomes (R21) PA-17-213 May 8, 2020 Rosalind Breslow
Tobacco Use and HIV in Low and Middle Income Countries (R21 Clinical Trial Optional) PAR-18-022 January 8, 2020 Mark Parascandola
Perception and Cognition Research to Inform Cancer Image Interpretation (R21 Clinical Trial Optional) PAR-18-641 September 27, 2019 Todd Horowitz
Target Assessment, Engagement and Data Replicability to Improve Substance Use Disorders Treatment Outcomes (R21/R33 Clinical Trial Optional) PAR-18-086 September 8, 2019 Michele Bloch
Integrative Research on Polysubstance Abuse and Addiction (R21/R33 Clinical Trial Optional) PAR-18-084 September 8, 2019 Michele Bloch
Cancer-Related Behavioral Research through Integrating Existing Data (R21) PAR-16-255 June 15, 2019 Richard Moser
Improving Smoking Cessation in Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Populations via Scalable Interventions (R21 Clinical Trial Optional) PAR-18-250 June 14, 2019 Yvonne Prutzman
Innovative Approaches to Studying Cancer Communication in the New Media Environment (R21 Clinical Trial Optional) PAR-18-639 June 14, 2019 Kelly Blake
Stimulating Innovations in Behavioral Intervention Research for Cancer Prevention and Control (R21 Clinical Trial Optional) PAR-18-018 May 8, 2019 Tanya Agurs-Collins
Population Health Interventions: Integrating Individual and Group Level Evidence (R21 Clinical Trial Optional) PA-18-407 May 8, 2019 David Berrigan
Population Health Interventions: Integrating Individual and Group Level Evidence (R21 Clinical Trials Not Allowed) PA-18-406 May 8, 2019 David Berrigan
Population Health Interventions: Integrating Individual and Group Level Evidence (R21 Clinical Trial Not Allowed) PA-18-406 May 8, 2019 Michael Spittel
Leveraging Cognitive Neuroscience to Improve Assessment of Cancer Treatment-Related Cognitive Impairment (R21 Clinical Trial Optional) PAR-18-606 April 12, 2019 Jerry Suls
Predicting Behavioral Responses to Population-Level Cancer Control Strategies (R21 Clinical Trial Optional) PAR-18-024 April 12, 2019 Rebecca Ferrer
Tobacco Regulatory Science (R21 Clinical Trial Optional) RFA-OD-18-003 February 14, 2019 Rachel Grana Mayne
Education and Health: New Frontiers (R21 Clinical Trial Optional) PAR-18-362 January 8, 2019 Todd Horowitz

Cancer Survivorship

(Active R21 Grants in Survivorship Research)

Title Announcement End date Contact
Physical Activity and Weight Control Interventions Among Cancer Survivors: Effects on Biomarkers of Prognosis and Survival (R21 Clinical Trial Optional) PAR-18-892 September 8, 2021 Frank Perna
Examination of Survivorship Care Planning Efficacy and Impact (R21 Clinical Trial Optional) PA-18-012 January 8, 2019 Stephen Taplin

Epidemiology and Genomics Research

(Active R21 Grants in Epidemiology and Genomics Research)

Title Announcement End date Contact
Diet and Physical Activity Assessment Methodology (R21 Clinical Trial Not Allowed) PAR-18-857 September 8, 2021 Amy Subar
Age-related Microbiota Changes and their Implications in Chronic Disease Prevention, Treatment and Progression Announcement Numbers (R21 Clinical Trial Optional) PA-18-739 May 8, 2021 Tram Lam
Epidemiologic Research on Emerging Risk Factors and Liver Cancer Susceptibility (R21 Clinical Trial Not Allowed) PA-18-678 May 8, 2021 Tram Lam
Early-life Factors and Cancer Development Later in Life (R21 Clinical Trial Not Allowed) PA-18-532 January 8, 2021 Somdat Mahabir
Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications (ELSI) of Genomics Exploratory/Developmental Research Grant Program (R21) PA-17-446 September 8, 2020 Charlisse Caga-anan
Exploratory Grants in Cancer Epidemiology and Genomics Research (R21) PA-16-175 May 8, 2019 Mukesh Verma
Improving Outcomes in Cancer Treatment-Related Cardiotoxicity (R21 Clinical Trial Optional) PA-18-013 January 8, 2019 Nonniekaye Shelburne
Development of Innovative Informatics Methods and Algorithms for Cancer Research and Management (R21) PAR-15-334 November 21, 2018 Juli Klemm

Healthcare Delivery Research

(Active R21 Grants in Healthcare Delivery Research)

Title Announcement End date Contact
End-of-Life and Palliative Needs of Adolescents and Young Adults (AYA) with Serious Illnesses PAR-19-136 (R01 Clinical Trial Optional)
PAR-19-153 (R21 Clinical Trial Optional)
January 8, 2022 Ashley Wilder Smith
Using Information Technology to Support Systematic Screening and Treatment of Depression in Oncology Practices (R21Clinical Trial Optional) PA-18-492 May 8, 2021 Gurvaneet Randhawa
Methodology and Measurement in the Behavioral and Social Sciences (R21 Clinical Trial Optional) PAR-18-378 September 8, 2019 Sandra Mitchell
Research Infrastructure Development for Interdisciplinary Aging Studies (R21/R33) PAR-16-367 September 8, 2019 Erica Breslau
Linking the Provider Recommendation to Adolescent HPV Vaccine Uptake (R21 Clinical Trial Optional) PAR-18-019 July 17, 2019 Sarah Kobrin
Exploratory/Developmental Surgical Disparities Research (R21 Clinical Trial Optional) PAR-18-289 June 8, 2019 Brenda Adjei
Intervening with Cancer Caregivers to Improve Patient Health Outcomes and Optimize Health Care Utilization (R21 Clinical Trial Optional) PAR-18-247 April 12, 2019 Michelle Mollica

Implementation Science

(Active R21 Grants in Implementation Science)

Title Announcement End date Contact
Dissemination and Implementation Research in Health (R21 Clinical Trial Optional) PAR-18-017 May 8, 2019 David Chambers