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Module 2- Needs Assessment: Getting To Know Your Audiences Better


Lesson Plan (.pdf)

PowerPoint Slides (.ppt)

All Handouts (.pdf)

     Individual Handouts

     1. Handout #1: Slides (.pdf)

     2. Handout #2: A Brief on Focus Groups (.pdf)

     3. Handout #3: Additional Qualitative Methods (.pdf)

     4. Handout #4: Quantitative Versus Qualitative Questions Activity (.pdf)

     5. Handout #5: Literature Review (.pdf)

     6. Handout #6: Guide to Secondary Sources (.pdf)

     7. Handout #7: Steps for Involving Partners in the Program (.pdf)

     8. Handout #8: Open-Ended Question Guide for Needs Assessment (.pdf)

     9. Handout #9: Needs Assessment Case Study (.pdf)