Investments in Cancer Control Research

Researchers funded by DCCPS have advanced the science to improve public health for more than two decades, and we celebrate their scientific advances and research accomplishments in cancer control and population sciences. Major programmatic areas include epidemiology and genomics research, behavioral research, healthcare delivery research, surveillance research, and survivorship research.

In FY 2020, DCCPS funded 767 grants valued at more than $509 million, with work in the US and internationally aimed at reducing risk, incidence, and deaths from cancer, and enhancing the quality of life for cancer survivors. In addition, the division funded $88 million in contracts, which include the SEER Program. Though the majority of DCCPS funding is for investigator-initiated research project grants, the division also uses a variety of strategies to support and stimulate research such as multicomponent specialized research centers, cancer epidemiology cohorts, and supplements to NCI-Designated Cancer Center support grants.

While we are still compiling data for FY 2021, a snapshot of new grants funded in this FY as of August 2021 shows that over 150 new grants have been funded in areas such as cancer survivorship, health disparities and rural cancer control, reduction of alcohol and tobacco use, and genetic testing and counseling. Thanks to higher paylines in FY 2021, we anticipated approximately 15% more new awards in FY 2021. Check our website in the coming months for the full FY 2021 portfolio.

Learn more about the DCCPS grant portfolio and funding trends at

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