2022 Overview and Highlights

New Reflections on Cancer Control

The Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences: NEW REFLECTIONS ON CANCER CONTROL

The Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences (DCCPS) marked its 25th anniversary in 2022, prompting reflection on past achievements as well as future goals. The Overview and Highlights report outlines the multifaceted approach that DCCPS takes to advance cancer control science so that it may help reduce the consequences of cancer and its treatment in all populations. The report also identifies six key future directions for research: health equity, data strategies, evidence-based policies, digital health, modifiable risk factors, and climate change. Immediate and intensified focus in these areas will accelerate scientific progress and increase the impact of DCCPS-sponsored research.

The Overview and Highlights report emphasizes how important the diversity of perspectives, backgrounds, disciplines, and approaches is to the division’s history and future. With support from the investigator community and colleagues and partners at the National Cancer Institute and beyond, DCCPS is committed to doing meaningful work that advances cancer control for the benefit of all.

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