Study Design and Methods Consideration

Despite the growing evidence of the effects of social determinants of health (SDOH) on both short- and long-term health outcomes, there is little emphasis on developing theory- and evidence-based multilevel and population (community) interventions that target both structural and individual factors. For these interventions to be effective, it necessitates the development of new measures on inequity and social environment; the adaptation of existing measures of SDOH; and a comprehensive understanding of the pathways by which the social context affects health.

While focusing on improving the health of the population, it is imperative to ensure that every sector of society benefits equally from the developments in health. In this regard, research in small populations that are largely excluded from clinical trials and interventions due to the limited size of these populations, need to be encouraged with appropriate methodologies and measures.

Recently published American Journal of Preventive Medicine article by NCI staff:  Avoiding Pro Forma: A Health Equity–Conscious Approach to Cancer Control Research.

Multilevel Influences on Cancer Control

Health disparities focus area levels, including national policy, state policy, local community, health organization/practice, health provider/team, and individual
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January 13, 2022