Health Policy Research in Cancer Prevention and Control


Administrative Supplement to Support Health Policy Research in Cancer Prevention and Control.

Policy plays a central role in shaping health and healthcare, including cancer prevention and control. For the purposes of this Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) we are including formal public policies (e.g., legislation and regulations) at local, state, and federal levels of government, and private/organizational level policies and practice guidelines, such as those implemented by school districts, large organizations, worksites, health systems, and health insurance or managed care companies. The research enterprise has a vital role in generating evidence to enable evidence-based policymaking, and in evaluating the impact of various policies and their implementation on health-related outcomes. 

Health policy research may employ a range of data, or methods and approaches. To understand how policies can advance or detract from health equity, health policy evidence should include data generated in diverse populations and communities, especially groups that have been economically or socially marginalized. 

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Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG) Supplements


Research Project Grant (RPG) Supplements

PI Name Organization Name Project Title Grant Number Fiscal Year
Brewer, Noel Todd University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Program Project – Improving Provider Announcement Communication Training (IMPACT) 3P01CA250989-03S1 2023
Chang, Su-Hsin Washington University Comparative Modeling of Multiple Myeloma Across Myeloma Control Continuum: Prevention, Treatment, and Disparity Reduction 3U01CA265735-03S1 2023
Keating, Nancy L Harvard Medical School The Impact of a Changing Health Care Delivery System on the Quality of Oncology Care - Administrative Supplement 3R01CA255035-03S2 2023
Kinney, Anita Y Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences Multilevel Factors Associated with Disparities in the Use of Targeted Cancer Therapies in Medicare 3R01CA277599-02S1 2023
Pal, Tuya Vanderbilt University Medical Center Expanding Genetic Risk Assessment to Underserved Populations: A Cancer Registry-Based Approach 3U01CA254832-04S2 2023


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November 30, 2023