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National Cancer Institute

Facing Forward Series

Designed to educate cancer survivors, family members, and health care providers about the challenges associated with life after cancer treatment.

  • This publication provides an overview of the potential benefits of becoming involved in cancer-related activities, such as helping with outreach and education, fundraising, or raising awareness about research or public health issues.
  • For those who have recently completed cancer treatment shifting their focus from treatment to recovery. The booklet covers post-treatment issues such as follow-up medical care, physical and emotional changes, changes in social relationships, and workplace issues.
  • Provides caregivers with coping strategies to help them shift their focus from treatment to recovery. Discusses the transition to a "new normal," communication skills and feelings, ways to get support, helping with follow-up care, and the need for self-care.
  • The Spanish-language version of Life After Cancer Treatment highlighting issues relevant to Latino