Research Tools

The tools below are intended to help researchers better understand, plan for, and conduct rigorous dissemination and implementation studies (organized by theories, frameworks, and models), measures, strategies, research methods and study designs, and additional resources (i.e., websites and books). Check back for updates as additional tools become available.

Theories, Frameworks, and Models

Dissemination and Implementation Models in Health Research and Practice

The Dissemination and Implementation Models in Health Research and Practice (D&I Models) website was designed to help researchers and practitioners select the theory, framework, or model that best fit their research question or practice problem, adapt it to the study or practice context, integrate it into the research or practice process, and find existing measurement instruments for its constructs. The D&I Models website includes 61 different theories, frameworks, and models and is based on a review article by Tabak, Khoong, Chambers and Brownson (2012).

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Grid-Enabled Measures (GEM) Database Dissemination and Implementation

GEM is a web-based collaborative tool containing behavioral, social science, and other relevant scientific measures. The goal of GEM is to support and encourage a community of users to drive consensus on best measures and share the resulting data from use of those measures.

GEM enables users to:

  • Add constructs or measures to the database
  • Contribute and update existing information about constructs and measures
  • Rate and comment on measures
  • Access and share harmonized data
  • Search for and download measures

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Identifying, Specifying, and Applying Implementation Strategies

In April 2016, the Advanced Topics in Implementation Science Webinar Series hosted the presentation “Identifying, Specifying, and Applying Implementation Strategies” by Dr. Byron Powell.

View the Archived Webinar

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Research Methods and Study Designs

Advanced Topics in Implementation Science

The Advanced Topics in Implementation Science Webinar Series held a series of webinars focused on various research methods and study designs.

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Additional Resources