Pete DelNero, PhD, MPH

Pete DelNero

Pete DelNero is an engineer with the Implementation Science Team in the Office of the Director in the Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences (DCCPS) at the National Cancer Institute (NCI). As a postdoc, Pete's research involves implementation science, community engagement, and biomedical research.

Previously, Pete helped establish a partnership to connect biomedical scientists with cancer patients and survivors. The program created a special community, where participants exchanged ideas, experiences, and perspectives. Together, they developed a more expansive understanding of cancer. The partnership deeply influenced Pete's formation; his attachment to cancer prevention is partly motivated by these relationships.

In the lab, Pete studied the connection between blood vessels and cancer metabolism. He developed "tumor-on-a-chip" devices to simulate nutrient transport and cell energy status.  His research contributed new strategies to predict whether patients are likely to benefit from drugs that target metabolic pathways.

Pete completed a bachelor’s in chemical engineering at Vanderbilt, master’s in public health at Harvard, and PhD in biomedical engineering at Cornell.

Select Publications

  • DelNero P, Hopkins B, Cantley L, Fischbach C. Cancer metabolism gets physical. Science Translational
    Medicine 2018; 10 (442): eaaq1011.
  • DelNero P, McGregor A. From patients to partners. Science 2017; 258 (6361): 414.
  • DelNero P, Lane M, Verbridge S, Kwee B, Kermani P, Hempstead B, Stroock A, Fischbach C. 3D culture broadly regulates tumor cell hypoxia response and angiogenesis via pro-inflammatory pathways. Biomaterials 2015; 55: 110-118.
  • Seo BR, DelNero P, Fischbach C. In vitro models of tumor vessels and matrix: engineering approaches to investigate transport limitations and drug delivery in cancer. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews 2014; 69: 205-216.
  • Morgan J, DelNero P, Zheng Y, Verbridge S, Chen J, Craven M, Choi NW, Diaz-Santana A, Kermani P, Hempstead B, Lopez JA, Corso TN, Fischbach-Teschl C, Stroock A. Formation of microvascular networks in vitro. Nature Protocols 2013; 8 (9): 1820.
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