CCIS Public Goods

To support the ongoing efforts of the Consortium for Cancer Implementation Science, a collection of public goods (widely available tools and resources) has been developed by the CCIS action groups to address key challenges and advance the implementation science agenda in cancer.

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Community Participation in Implementation Science


Members of the Community Participation action group have developed a resource document (PDF, 599 KB) for stakeholder and community engagement in implementation science.

Context and Equity in Implementation Science


The Context and Equity action group held a series of Implementation Science webinars between May 2020 and September 2021:


  • Members of the Context and Equity action group have developed a resource document, Advancing Healthy Equity through Implementation Science: Bibliograph and Resources, for those working to advance health equity through implementation science.
  • The Columbia Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) Implementation Science Initiative developed Readings/Resources/Curricula on Anti-Racism & Health Equity (PDF, 302 KB).
  • Places Cancer Screening Rates and SDOH: This R Shiny dashboard is to investigate geographic variation of cancer screening rates and its association with social disparity in the US.
  • Dr. Cory Bradley’s podcast series, Catch the Power, aims to provide a more immersive engagement among scholar and activist communities in the movement for health justice through offering exploratory public discourse about contemporary efforts in the literature and facilitating dialogue that builds the capacity of public health, academic research, practice/service delivery, and activist communities to enhance the design and implementation of strategies and interventions that close racialized health disparity gaps.


Members of the action group have also published a number of relevant articles related to context and equity:

Economics and Cost in Implementation Science


Members of the 2019 Economics & Cost action group have published a series of papers:

Policy and Implementation Science


Four Ways of Thinking about Policy in Implementation Science explored innovative approaches to policy in implementation science and aimed to gain fresh insights into public goods for the action group. Jonathan Purtle, a renowned expert in the field, delivered a captivating presentation on the topic.

Policy Action Group Series

The Policy action group held a series of Implementation Science webinars between October 2020 and February 2021.



Training Module

TIDIRC: Policy Implementation Science - This lecture provides an overview of policy implementation science and identifies the impacts and challenges of policy dissemination and policy implementation studies including the role of policy makers. This session is part of the curriculum for the Training Institute in Dissemination and Implementation Research in Cancer (TIDIRC).

Implementation Science in Global Health



Rapid Cycle Design in Implementation Science


NCI hosted the Rapid Cycle Research in Cancer Care Virtual Workshop from February 16-17, 2022. The workshop identified principal features that should inform the design of rapid cycle research to improve cancer care delivery, explored multi-faceted barriers toward conducting rapid cycle research in cancer care delivery settings, and generated viable solutions for increasing the quality and quantity of rapid cycle research conducted in cancer care delivery settings.

Technology in Implementation Science


Research Priorities: Leveraging Health Information Technology to Address Cancer Prevention Disparities in Primary Care discussed how the use of optimized health information technologies (HIT) could enhance guideline-concordant cancer screening delivery in primary care settings.

Cycle 1 Funding – Awardees and Projects

(Anticipated Completion - September 2022)

Cycle 2 Funding – Awardees and Projects

(Anticipated Completion - April 2023)

Cycle 3 Funding – Awardees and Projects

(Anticipated Completion - March 2024)

Forthcoming Resources

Additional, publicly available resources from members of the Implementation in Global Health, Implementation of Multilevel Interventions, Implementation Science Study Design, Learning Healthcare Systems as Natural Laboratories, and Technology and Health Communication in Implementation Science action groups will be made available as developed.

If you are interested in joining a CCIS action group, a Slack workspace has been established to allow for communication, resource sharing, and collaboration to help advance the development of public goods.

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September 21, 2023