CCIS Public Goods

To support the ongoing efforts of the Consortium for Cancer Implementation Science a collection of public goods, widely available tools and resources, have been developed by the action groups to address key challenges and advance the implementation science agenda in cancer.

Members of the Community Participation action group have developed a resource document for stakeholder and community engagement in implementation science.

Members of the 2019 Economics & Cost action group have been working on a series of papers. The first article, Translating economic evaluations into financing strategies for implementing evidence-based practices was published earlier this year.

Members of the Context and Equity in implementation Science, Implementation in Global Health, Implementation of Multilevel Interventions, Implementation Science Study Design, Learning Healthcare Systems as Natural Laboratories, and Technology and Health Communication in Implementation Science action groups will have publicly available resources in the coming years.

Read the August 2021 IS Blog to learn more about the themes from 2020 CCIS action groups.

Last Updated
August 11, 2021