Health Information Technology in Implementation Science

Event Type:
Field Perspectives
February 23, 2022
1:00-2:00 PM

In 2020, the Consortium for Cancer Implementation Science (CCIS) featured “Technology and Health Communication in Implementation Science” as one of the seven action groups identified as priority areas for the field. Members of this action group identified a need to assess the state of the science and key knowledge gaps in the use of health information technologies (HIT) in implementation science and cancer prevention in primary care. This webinar will discuss insights from a scoping review on HIT targeting guideline-concordant secondary cancer prevention in primary care settings, current knowledge of the barriers and facilitators to their adoption, as well as reflections on the value of this public good for the field.


Dr. Rachel Gold
Dr. Rachel Gold

Kaiser Permanente Northwest Center for Health Research

Dr. Amy Huebschmann
Dr. Amy Huebschmann

University of Colorado School of Medicine

Dr. Constance Owens
Dr. Constance Owens

George Mason University

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July 13, 2023