About CCIS

The Consortium for Cancer Implementation Science (CCIS) was founded in 2019 as a public effort where Cancer Moonshot investigators, as well as other researchers and practitioners, work together to address key challenges and advance the implementation science (IS) agenda in cancer. The objectives of CCIS are to:

  • Foster communication among those engaged in IS projects across the cancer continuum.
  • Identify and develop solutions to common theoretical, methodological, or empirical challenges in IS in cancer.
  • Promote collaborative projects among grantees and others to fill IS gaps that would extend beyond a single study.

Each year, action groups hold an annual meeting to start or continue planning related to the development of publicly available tools and resources to move IS in cancer forward in the coming year. In 2020 and 2021, the action group topics focused on (1) community participation in IS, (2) technology and IS, (3) context and equity in IS, (4) implementation of complex/multilevel interventions, (5) policy and IS, (6) study designs in IS, (7) learning healthcare systems as natural laboratories, and (8) IS in global health. 

Last Updated
October 27, 2022