CCIS Action Groups

Community Participation in Implementation Science

Leaders: Laura Balis, Tran Huynh

The goal of this action group is to identify important work and related “public goods” in community participation in implementation science that will move the field forward. Major gaps to be addressed include insufficient or late engagement, finding a place on the continuum of engagement, and measures, competencies, engagement, and impact.

Context and Equity in Implementation Science

Leaders: Montserrat Soler, Yue Guan

This action group focuses on how the implementation science community can advance and make more explicit the incorporation of health equity and context across cancer prevention/control research.

Implementation of Complex/Multilevel Interventions

Leaders: Erin Kenzie, Jessica Austin, Erin Rogers

The goal of this action group is to (1) understand the interface of multilevel interventions and implementation science, (2) explore the interface of complex interventions and implementation science, and (3) to produce goods and tutorials to help others seeking to work at the interface of these disciplines.

Implementation Science in Global Health

Leaders: Eve Nagler, Nwamaka Lasebikan, Juliet Iwelunmor

This action group focuses on implementation science research and practice for global cancer control, with a particular focus on low- to middle-income countries. The group aims to identify the gaps, needs, and priorities for implementation science to improve and increase the translation of evidence-based cancer control strategies into practice in ways that are both scalable and sustainable.

Learning Healthcare Systems as Natural Laboratories

Leaders: Ramzi Salloum, Sarah Malone

The goals of this action group are to (1) promote and guide implementation science activities that successfully leverage the “natural laboratory” features of learning healthcare systems, and to (2) facilitate implementation research that advances the study and understanding of learning healthcare systems to improve healthcare quality, equity, and outcomes. The group aims to promote and guide implementation research WITHIN learning healthcare systems and implementation research ON learning healthcare systems.

Policy and Implementation Science

Leaders: Jennifer Falbe, Natalie Riva Smith

The goal of this action group is to develop strategies to support the implementation science community in advancing research in policy implementation related to cancer prevention and control. It focuses on identifying resources to support policy implementation science and to connect investigators working in this space.

Technology in Implementation Science

Leaders: Constance Owens, Jinying Chen

This action group focuses on how health information technologies can support the provision of guideline-concordant cancer prevention and care. The group aims to identify which technologies are effective when adopted, barriers and facilitators to their adoption, the evidence gaps that must be filled to move the field forward, and how best to address those gaps.

To learn more about the work of the different action groups, reach out to and ask to join the CCIS Slack Channel.

Last Updated
February 02, 2023